New York City has the spirit of a fighter, the determination of a dreamer, and the swagger of a champion. Not everyone is capable of holding their own in this place so full of character, life, food stands, and skyscrapers.

But there are tricks to the trade -- lessons to be learned, experiences to dive into, and fears to conquer. Don't be afraid of a city deemed "the concrete jungle." You can and will become a concrete Tarzan, damnit.

So grab your vine and swing into NYC summer school. These NYC classes are bound to make you the ultimate New Yorker -- complete with just the right amount of charming arrogance that makes the Big Apple so welcoming.


New York State of Mind

workout class
dance class
new york summer classes

Slow down, city slicker. Don't go strutting your stuff on the streets of NYC just yet. Give yourself the chance to amp your sass levels and unleash the inner diva you know is hidden inside of you.

Multitask and do this all while you carve out your beach bod to the hottest songs of the summer. This isn't any old workout class -- this is ratchet zooba. The clubbiest of the dance workouts out there, this sets the scene for the night you'll have afterwards with this newfound boost of confidence.

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Talk that Talk, Walk that Walk

public speaking
lifestyle class
nyc summer class

To blend into the New York atmosphere, you must learn to speak like a true New Yorker.

The streets are lined with salespeople and tour guides offering passersby pamphlets, menus, or discounts. The experienced New Yorker doesn't think twice before "not interested," "out of my way," or "thanks, but no thanks" dismisses the human disruption blocking his or her path to home, work, or really anywhere else.

Enroll yourself in a public speaking class to master this NYC confidence and use the spoken word to glorify your city sass levels.

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Park it in the Park

art class
central park
NYC summer class

NYC may be full of the ultimate city dweller type -- but that doesn't mean it's a place full of nature haters. Just take a stroll through central park to see the beaming faces of New Yorkers soaking up those UV rays that don't quite make it through their 15th floor office window.

Breathe in the fresh air and take in the beauty of Central Park in the summer while you participate in a drawing course to help document your visions of green and blue. With Central Park as your muse, who knows what you'll see -- kids playing by a pond, an extremely talented yogi, an almost naked man waking up in a bush from the night before? The world is your oyster, so take it all in.

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Get a New Perspective

outdoor activities
NYC summer class

NYC is the place to be for thrillseekers. In the city that never sleeps there are constant persuasions and singing sirens that draw you in for reckless opportunities you just can’t turn down.

So, dive in. Or rather jump in!

Experience the adventure of New York in a parkour class -- where you can be one with the skyscrapers and see the streets from a NY pigeon’s eye view.

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Know Your Stuff

walking tour
NYC summer class

The easiest way to impress people with your knowledge of NY? Steal your facts from someone else.

Take a photography class and learn how to snap the greatest of photos through practice on NYC landmarks. Get to know basic camera skills while learning neat facts on New York's most photographed treasures.

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