Despite all of this seemingly never-ending rain, summer is coming. We promise. And while we may be begging for sunny days for now, you know that in a month we'll be complaining about the heat. It's just what we New Yorkers do.

This summer, instead of blasting the AC to cool off, why not get wet instead? The waters may be a little chilly now, but it's only a matter of time before you find yourself staring longingly at the ocean blue. Instead of just belly flopping in, why not learn a new skill that will get you in shape too? These summer watersports are the perfect way to get yourself back into the water and to get a little wet n' wild. Best part of all? You're gonna get a killer tan.


Straight Up, Stand Up

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stand up
stand up paddle

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the coolest new thing to hit summer watersports since the backstroke. Stay ahead of the curve and learn Stand-Up Paddleboarding with the most epic backdrop you could possibly have -- the NYC skyline. Get your facebook ready for the explosion of likes it's going to get when you start uploading pics from this adventure.

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Kayak Like NYAC


Hmm...Stand Up Paddleboarding sounds fun and all, but the whole point was to stay cool, so why stand when you can sit? Give your feet a break and your guns a relaxed workout as you learn to kayak. The lightweight boats glide across the water so you can bask in the summer ocean breeze in style.

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Ocean Angler


You've always wanted to be good at fishing. It looks like such a relaxing, stress relieving hobby. But your last fishing trip was more like a trip to the grocery store to buy a trout to take photos with -- and it didn't fool anyone. Become the angler you've always wanted to be and master the ultimate summer watersport with a day fishing trip from City Island. You'll get exceptional advice from fishing experts so you won't have to stop by the grocery store afterwards.

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private lesson

While surfing is often associated with the West Coast, New York offers some great beaches to "shred the gnar." However, you actually have to learn how to surf before you take advantage of those crashing waves. Learn the most classic of summer watersports with the Local's Surf School. Before you know it, you'll be wearing puka shell necklaces and speaking in a California beach bum accent, dude! -- just kidding. But you will learn how to surf!

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Easy Sailing


Have you ever watched a sailboat move majestically through the water while standing ashore, envious as hell of all those aboard? Stop with the jealousy and hop yourself aboard. You'll learn from nautical experts how to commandeer a sailboat so you can call yourself "Captain" when you buy or rent your own. Not to mention, you'll get to see the skyline from the river for once.

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