You’ve made it!

You shut down your computer, lock up your office, and pump your first in the air before skipping towards that beaming sunlight that has taunted you all week. You shut the prison gates -- er, office doors, rather -- behind you and look up to the sky, breathing in the newfound weekend freedom that rushes upon you, as it fills your lungs and oozes into your pores.

The work week is behind you and you’re looking forward to some alone time with your bae. After a week of being all “hardworking” and “corporate,” that weekend air is twisting thoughts into your dirty mind and sparking wild dreams of activities to come…

Don’t limit those dirty thoughts to just your mind -- turn them into ACTION. But easy, tiger, maybe not in the way you might think.

Below lies your guide to to 5 dirty dates that will have you and your bae nicely covered in a film of outdoorsy soil, colored paint, or other messy ingredients.


Get Saucy

cooking class
philly date
sauce making

Do you tend to spend some of your work day fantasizing about bae? Do you tend to spend another part of your workday fantasizing about food? It’s time to bring those fantasies to life and fuse them into the sauciest date you’ll ever experience.  

Sign yourselves up for a sauce workshop, and learn how to add some spice to your cooking -- and your love life, while you’re at it. Get down and dirty as you mix, stir, and simmer your way to a flavorful weekend. ​​​

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Shoot for Bae’s Heart

active dates
philly date

For a messy Philly activity that is sure to win the heart of of your significant other, opt for a date that leaves you teamed against one another in a valiant effort to shoot the other down.

Give yourself a shot at love as you fire colorful (paint!) bullets across a paintball area.  As you dip, dive, and dodge the ammo, sparks will fly and tensions will rise until your time of surrender. You can figure out how to clean yourselves off later...

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It's Grime Time

outdoor activities
philly date

If you can love your significant other underneath a layer of swampy grime, then your romance is in pretty good shape. So, put it to the test. Bring your boo on a 10 mile trip along the Delaware River. Paddle amongst wildlife and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and the elements.

Just like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in the rowboat/swan scene in The Notebook (you know the one we're talking about), you and your bae will fall deeper and deeper in love with every stroke of the paddle. Just maybe trade the rowboat for a kayak and the swans for some river critters. Or use your imagination -- that works too.

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Rolling in the Dirt

bike trip
outdoors activities
philly date

Ok, so this one’s not that dirty. But you CAN make it dirty if you’re feeling rebellious. Grab a bae, grab a bike, and hit the dirt road -- or paved road. More than likely, it'll be a paved road. Take nature in and bike along the Delaware River, through miles and miles of gorgeous scenery with ample stopping points.

Roll your way into a romantic date with the glory of the great outdoors to keep you and your boo entertained. Not dirty enough for the dirty-date guide? Hop off your bike and get messy if you feel like it...the rest is up to you.

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Lean With Bae, Rock with Bae

rock climbing
outdoor date
philly date

Ready for a date full of hand holding? Learn all there is to know about hand holds, foot positioning, and climbing strategies, all while you get dusty and show off your badass self on a rock climbing date.

Exude confidence as you spread eagle, man-handle a rock to win some hearts.

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