Ah… Portland, Oregon: The promised land for animal lovers, microbrew nerds, and marchers to an offbeat drum. It is the center of all things weird, quirky, cute, and hip. Not to mention, just about everyone in this fair city is a craftsman... of some sort.

Whether it’s beer, knitting, or woodwork, there seems to be a deep love of creation here. And of course, what would any of these wonderful creations be without a nice decorative bird on them? Just in case you’re feeling extra Portlandish today, here are some great Portland date ideas that will let you and your boo create marvelous things -- onto which you can put a pretty bird (if you want to).


Bring Your Own Bird


What better way to get the creative juices flowing than with a BYOB paint class? You and your boo can spend an evening sipping on wine or beer, letting out your inner Bob Ross. Paint a nice landscape or try to recreate that cute couple photo of you two. Also, did you know that canvases make a great place to put a bird?

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City of Roses


Craft a gorgeous ode to the City of Roses with this unique Portland date idea, that will have you and yours sculpting glass flowers with the help of a trained glass artist. Celebrate spring by designing whatever flower you like, from tulips, to morning glories. Afterwards, you can put a nice bird on it.

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Love Birds Screen Printing


You love your bae from the bottom of your heart -- but their wardrobe is missing something. Actually, everything in their wardrobe is missing something. A pretty bird. Give them the gift of avian decor with this screen printing class. You’ll both learn from a professional artist how use the print screen to put birds (or any other design) on all of you and your S.O.’s clothing or other materials.

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She's Making Jewelry Now!


You’re so proud of your sister. She was really floating around there for a while. She didn’t want to go back to her old job after having the kids. She seemed kind of aimless, but then she found something she’s really passionate about and got her life on track. She’s making jewelry now! But you’ll be damned if she gives you or your S.O. another freaking (birdless) dreamcatcher earring.

So why not surprise your partner with this class so you can gift each other with your OWN beautiful jewelry creations, instead of Julie’s. And wouldn’t you know it? You can put a bird on it.

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Welded Hearts


Portland has some of the most gorgeous gardens in the country, which is a bit of a double-edged sword. True, it makes it a gorgeous city to live in, but then again, it’s really hard to make your garden stand out among all the others.


If you’re feeling that your garden needs some sprucing up, this is the perfect Portland date idea for you. You’ll heat things up in a metalsmithing class, in which you’ll learn how to create beautiful metal garden art. Oh, and look at that. You can make a bird bath! And if you want to put something on it, that is 100% your call, friend. We’re having a hard time thinking of anything appropriate, but we’re sure you’ll come up with something.


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