We’ve all seen it happen.

One minute you’re standing tall and proud, impressing the people around you with your sharp intellect and witty charm. Then, all of a sudden, a small fluffball comes yapping around the corner. It’s likely one of those mix breed pups -- something that sounds drastically contrived, like a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle) or a Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Daschund). And don’t even get us started on the Schnoodle.  

The next thing you know, some unknown force pushes you to your knees and your voice climbs seven octaves higher than where it usually sits. Your hands reach forward and you scratch this small, fluffy, mammal whilst squealing a string of endearing phrases. You overutilize rhetorical questions such as “aren’t you just the cutest?” and “I could just eat you up, couldn’t I?”

After minutes pass, you regain your sense of self and stand up to continue your credible points. What just happened? Did you black out?

No, no, no. You’re just a Portland pet lover. As you should be -- because you’re in the city that has designated a whopping 33 off-leash areas for dogs.

Love your pet you might, but there comes a time when the dog, rabbit, cat, hedgehog, or whatever creature you decided to domesticate, must stay behind. Maybe when you’re going on a date, for example.

Well don’t worry -- you may not be able to bring JJ the hedgehog along with you, but we’ve still got the perfect Portland date ideas for an animal lover like yourself.


Horsing Around

horseback riding
wildlife tour

You. Bae. Horses.  

It’s a dream come true for two compatible animal lovers like yourselves. Enjoy each other’s company as you trot past gorgeous waterfalls and take in the beautiful Portland wildlife that surrounds you. Ride around Game of Thrones style and bask in your equestrian glory.  

After all, we’re not NOT saying horseback riding has a 100% second date occurrence rate.

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Elephant in the Room

wildlife center

It’s time to meet and greet the pet you’ve always wanted but could never quite obtain. Awe your date on a trip to a wildlife park where the two of you can bond as you hang out with a herd of elephants.  Spend some time learning about them beforehand, and then venture out into the wild.

This will be a date that no animal lover will ever forget -- we just hope your date remembers you, and not just the elephants.

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Fishing for Love

kayak fishing

Lure, knot, troll, and drift your way into bae’s heart as you learn all of these different techniques in a kayak fishing lesson. You’ll feel closer than ever after the success of reeling in a slimy, flopping fish. Lock eyes and feel sparks fly as you gracefully remove a hook from the inner mouth of your newfound fishy friends.

Word on the street is a bucket of fish is the new bouquet of roses.  

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Go Get 'Em, Tiger

Wildlife center

Okay so maybe you don’t like fish. And elephants aren’t really your thing either? You’re particular, a person who knows what he or she wants. Well if beautiful, majestic elephants aren’t your thing then we have one last trick in the book for you.


You simply can’t leave a date involving tigers without looking like the greatest badass to ever grace the streets of Portland with your presence. Check out how you can incorporate these dangerously beautiful animals into your date. We recommend bringing along a dangerously beautiful date, too.

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A Tour for Two (Humans)

outdoors tour
portland date

Ah, the great outdoors. What a wonderful place for a pet lover like yourself. Here’s the chance for you to see animals (other than the usual leash-free park attendees). Ditch your dog for a chance to get cozy with your bae on a historic outdoor adventure along the Columbia River Gorge.

Explore beautiful woods and look out for natural wildlife around. Plus, keep an eye out for Herman, an 11 foot long, 500 pound, 70 year old white sturgeon who lives in the area. Maybe you and your boo can take Herman in as your pet for the day?

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