Good Day, San Diegans!

So you’ve finally met your Veronica, but you don’t have the jazz flute chops to make them swoon like a hunted possum. Like the great Sisyphus you toil day and night trying to concoct the perfect date, but your plans come crashing down the hill over and over again.

You’re on the verge of giving up. But don’t be out for the count just quite yet! As we all know, romance is French for never give up, because the person you’ve prayed to Venus for is worth it. And you’re going to be the most romantic lover there is.

Don’t fret. Drawing inspiration from the the consummate gentleman and world-class romancer, local legend Ron Burgundy himself, here are 5 date ideas to tickle your date’s fancy.


Liquid Courage and Edible Romance


Chocolate, as everyone knows, is French for “edible romance.” Show up at your date’s door with a box of these and they’ll know you mean business. Take your strawberry shortcake to try out a selection of artisan chocolates (artisan, of course, is Latin for “I’m very interesting”), and elevate the experience with a tasting of 3 fine, single malt Scotches.

Whether you like yours neat like Persephone’s garden or on the rocks like a sailor under the spell of a siren’s song, always make time for this nectar from the gods on your next ron-dezvous.

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Panda Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Hot Air Balloon

Do you constantly wonder how to combine your love for pandas and hot air balloon rides too? Show your love for Ling-Wong on a panda-shaped, hot-air powered chariot, and show your honey pie an Olympian view of the glorious city.

If you’re still feeling inferior over your lack of jazz flute skills, don’t fret; enjoy a flute of champagne with your love and you’ll both feel so giddy you might as well have just nailed a sweet solo.

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A Baxterpiece


The only living thing that could compete for Ron’s love is his faithful dog Baxter (and Ron himself, actually).

If you and/or your banana split feel the same way, and feel like your living quarters could use some sprucing up, kill two birds with one stone and show your marshmallow pancake how cultured you are by immortalizing your beloved beast on canvas.

At the end of the night you will have a masterpiece to make your mahogany-clad and leather-book laden abode a little more homey.

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A Doby-ous Adventure


By Heimdall’s left earlobe! Swimming with sharks? Why would you possibly suggest such a thing?

Raising little Doby turned into a valuable bonding experience for Ron and his son, and you can have an unforgettable experience with sharks and your lover as well. Show your dulce de leche crepe your daring and bravery as you take a plunge with Poseidon’s perfect predator.


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Zoo Your Sweetheart


The Zoo holds a lot of significance in Ron Burgundy’s life; it is where Ron fought off a bear and reconciled with his love Veronica. While we don’t exactly recommend you trying to fend off a bear for your pecan brownie, we think that you can have a swell time on this zoo safari tour with your inamorato/inamorata. Bask in the might and glory of these majestic creatures and plants and take in a slice of the majestic wilderness with your key lime pie.

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And there you have it, 5 date ideas inspired by the great Ron Burgundy. We hope these will get your gears turning and your loins tingling.

Stay Classy, San Diego!