The quest for love is a winding road to follow, but if you choose some fun dates to connect with your possible future husband or wife (JK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves) -- it will make the path a lot more fun.

So we give you a few of our favorite activities in Seattle right now -- the perfect set of Seattle date ideas. Enjoy!


Take It to the Next Level

kenmore air

A date idea that will take bae for a spin around Seattle and show her the beautiful city from high above. Hold on tight, as this Kenmore Air flight begins with a water takeoff and ends with a gentle lake landing. And the best part is, you don’t need to be polite and offer that window seat up -- everyone has a window seat on this flight!

Ready for takeoff?

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You See Me Rolling

skate journey

Maybe the flying high date idea isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re terrified of flying and you’re doing everything you can to avoid showing weakness on the first date. Are there other options? You bet. Time to roll with the punches and hop on some skates!

You might have tried roller skating at the rink as a kid, but on wheels you make like Bambi on ice. Not a good look. Take your lover for a fun and action-packed date, where you’ll learn the right techniques for roller skating with Skate Journeys. After this class, who knows, maybe you’ll be able to snag a job at a roller skating diner!

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Home Run Dinner

wine tasting

If you’re looking for a more relaxed date idea, but want to be more original than dinner and drinks, check out the Winemaker’s Dinner Series at G. Donnalson’s.

Impress your munchkin with a delicious four-course meal paired with some exquisite wines. Not only will you savor the flavors from a match made in heaven (food and wine), but you’ll learn more about wines and how to pair them with different foods.  

So at the next dinner party you attend, you’ll know how to taste wine like a natural. No more lying to everyone around you by pretending that swirling a glass around and mentioning “oaky undertones” makes you some kind of expert.

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Aerodynamic Potential

boeing factory tour

Ever wonder how exactly an airplane can fly through the air so easily? Well, take this Boeing Factory Tour with bae and you’ll get all of the answers.

Be adventurous, try something new for a change, and take your brainy babe out for an exciting tour to learn what really goes into the construction of an airplane! This is a fun tour for any travel addict (or aeronautics nerd).

Next time you’re on a romantic weekend getaway, you can discuss, like a pro, the bits and pieces of the vehicle you’re traveling in.

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Plenty of Fish in the Sea

pike place market

There are plenty of fish in the sea, and, lucky for you, you’ve managed to get a hold of one (or at least convinced one to come on a date with you). Congrats! Now you’re tasked with the challenge of keeping his or her interest afloat so your love can blossom like a flower. Or... an oyster. So don’t let your date slip away with the tide! Embark on this fun-filled fishy tour by Eat Seattle, and explore the city you call home.

See the infamous flying fish at the Pike Place Market. Who needs to catch a fish when there are so many in the marketplace? Plus you already have one at your side. Don’t get greedy now!

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