Rain, it might, but the dark and gloomy weather never suppresses the Seattle spirit. After all, they still manage to have the highest number of sunglass purchases in America (fun fact!).

These Birkenstock-wearing hippies know how to have fun regardless of the elements -- and they live in a city full of the hottest up-and-coming date activities out there. With miles full of shoreline, this fast growing city leaves locals and tourists alike with days full of opportunity. So make the most of it -- this city sure knows how to set the mood.

Seattle is bringing sexy back -- here’s how to get involved.

Everyone Looks Good in the Sunset

Everyone Looks Good in the Sunset

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sunset paddle
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The easiest way to set the tone for a sexy seattle date night? Some au natural lighting. Make the most of the gorgeous waters and paddle out alongside your bae in a kayak excursion to set your heart and senses aflame.

Get lost in the candy-colored sky and impress your significant other with those ripped arms of yours helping to propel you forward. Once you're back on land, the rest is up to you.

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Chocolate: a Synonym for Sexy

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Speaking of sexy Seattle dates, chocolate is an aphrodisiac…

By the time the date commences, the mood will already be set. With bae by your side and some chocolate in hand, the possibilities of a night in Seattle will expand before you.

Your fantasies of being hand-fed chocolates by a dapper young eligible bachelor or bachelorette are suddenly tangible -- and just within grasp! Chocolate is never a turn-off, so who knows what’ll come next...

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Ease the Tension

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Nervous about a first date? Unsure of how to break the ice and knock down some boundaries?

Forget testing the waters, dive head first into your night with a couples massage class. Relax into each other’s company and get that stubborn knot out of your back, too.

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The Sexiest Dance Just Got Sexier

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happy hour
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The sexiest date activity yet has graced Seattle with its presence. Dance classes can be awkward, happy hours can be dull, but when you fuse them? Magic.

Tango Happy Hour leaves you with the perfect opportunity to get close to your hunky date with the comfort of some liquid courage coursing through your veins. Feel your heart beat to the music and get that dance-like pep in your step in this close-quartered, dimly lit babe cave.

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Just Add Wine

food and wine pairing
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People who may or not be sexy: your date.

Things that make any person seem sexy: food and wine.

You simply cannot fail when date night includes an array of delectable food paired with fine wines. This date is capable of making the Star Wars Wookie look like a respectable piece of arm candy.

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