Clay Play: 4 Pottery Classes in SF
Looking for a way to get your hands dirty? These pottery classes are perfect for those creative types who want to play with clay all day—or for a few hours on a casual evening. Here are some of the best pottery classes in San Francisco that will appeal to amateurs, aspiring artists, retirees and creative spirits alike.

Start your day with clay and coffee


Coffee, clay and a lazy Sunday? We’re in and you should be too! Spend a morning sipping a hot cup of joe while you create your own coffee mug. Using a cool hunk of up to five pounds of clay, a professional instructor will teach you basic throwing and sculpting techniques. Best of all, the firing is thrown into the price, so grab a friend and enjoy your personalized cups.

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Unique creations with ceramics and pottery


How many ashtrays and paperweights do you really need? Probably only the ones you already have, if any. This class skips the paperweight and ashtray staple of pottery making to encourage to follow your own creative instincts. Make something special, whether that’s a cup with two handles, a oval-shaped bowl or a lopsided sculpture. No matter what you end up with, it’s sure to be a [insert name here] original.

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Ceramic rescue: tiles and mosaic


Did you break a ceramic dish but are still not willing to part ways? Then it’s time you learned a thing or two about mosaic installations. Starting with a slideshow of a variety of ceramic mosaics—from flower pots made of broken dishes to the ornate plazas of Spain—you’ll study these examples and learn how to create your very own tiled artwork. No project is too big or too small—or too broken—for you to tackle once you’ve taken this master class.

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Enjoy some ‘wheel’ fun with this pottery class


Have you ever seen the movie “Ghost”? This pottery wheel class doesn’t promise any spooky, romantic encounters, but it does promise a fun time! Welcoming amateurs and artists of all skill levels and talents, this class will help you learn the fundamentals of “reinventing” the wheel. Under the guidance of a pro pottery artist, you’ll master the art of crafting beautiful, handmade pieces with an authentic pottery wheel in no time.

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