On The Shoulders of Giants: 6 Classic Art Classes to Check Out in San Francisco
You are the consummate dilettante. You’ve dabbled in decoupage and flirted with the Flamenco. However, lately you’ve been hanging out on the couch -- like, a lot.

Netflix no more!

It’s time to get your hands dirty again! Experience San Francisco's art scene through the eyes of of the masters as you flirt from studio to studio and try your hand at a multitude of mediums. Draw inspiration from your mentors as you experiment with these six different approaches to artistic recovery.

Becoming William Blake

William Blake: A giant of the Romantic Era. His art combined the written word with stunning visual scenes as he attempted to grapple with God, love, sexuality and religion -- you know, the boring basics.

Blake's most iconic work was done in watercolor; the translucent colors bleed into one another on the parchment and imbue his work with a simplicity and depth unique to the medium. While he is now famous for paring these paintings with his mystical prose, during his time in London he was known to perch atop tree branches in his backyard and give poetry readings in the nude!

Learn basic brush strokes and discover the beauty of watercolors with this fascinating course. Frame your own fearful symmetry and pick up where Blake left off -- with the painting.

Stay out of the trees!

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Tracing Da Vinci’s Dreams


Leonardo Da Vinci. The name carries a distinguished weight of brilliance as it rolls across your tongue.

Though the master gained fame with a paintbrush and canvas, his most interesting pieces were sketched in charcoal on parchment. Da Vinci dreamed of flying men and great ships that could cut through the clouds. He sketched fantastic cities that had yet to be built and machines that hid great secrets in their twisted metal bowls.

Learn how to wield your pencil like a sword during this two hour workshop, and cut through banal reality to reveal the secrets life holds. Conjure mysteries onto the page as you trace Da Vinci’s dreams!

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Think Inside the Boxes!

“There’s a quiet in here that clings to me like black cloth over a body.

I don’t like quiet.

Quiet means I hear my mean self think, and I’m not a very nice guy...”

Take the bad guys out of your head and put them on the page! Pick up the skills you need to make your own comicbook. Build a dark and twisting slum like Frank Miller’s Sin City or step out on the lighter and follow the adventures of a precocious boy and his stuffed tiger -- OK, be a bit more daring than that. This class will teach you all there is to know about sketching up the next Marvel hit.

Get creative and start making a comic strip that is anything but inside the box!

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A Sucker For Sparkles


You’ve had an eye for the expensive for as long as your can remember. You’ve lusted over Cartier's serpantin bracelets and diamond-encrusted laurels. You would eat Faberge eggs over-easy everyday for breakfast if you could but -- you budget is less than lavish.

Learn to create your own beautiful bobbles as your instructor teaches you the foundations of metal working during this class. After all -- even Louis Cartier had to start somewhere!

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An Expedition with Ansel Adams


The wide desolate skies. The stark planes and the jagged crags and crevasses. The pure and gorgeous pleasure of experiencing the sublime. You're struck with it all as you gaze at the photograph by Ansel Adams.

Follow in the great photographer’s footsteps (literally!) and spend the day exploring some of the most iconic locations in Yosemite National Park during this day tour. You’ll draw inspiration from the same hills that drove Adams to shoot his most famous pieces -- art pun intended.

Get your blood and your creative juices flowing with this day-long adventure, and remember -- take some pictures!

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A Toast To Modigliani


Like Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, you are a rogue, a seducer, and a drinker, but -- first and foremost, you are an artist. Now all your need to do is learn how to paint.

Pick up your brush and raise a glass to Modigliani in this BYOB painting class. Watch your brush strokes grow bold as you loosen up with a glass of wine. Pour a bit out for the fallen master (and the homies) as you find your own unique style just as the great Modigliani once did.


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