Romantic SF Art Classes for Your Next Date Night
The Beatles once crooned, “Love is all you need.” Perhaps that’s true, but also you need things to do together to keep that spark alive. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try, why not take your date to any of these amazingly romantic art classes? Love—and art—may be all you need for a perfect date night out.

You’ve seen Ghost, right?


Now, we’re not saying a viewing of Ghost is required before you and your partner take this pottery workshop, but Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore’s steamy chemistry will certainly put you in the mood to spin the wheel. With this class for amateurs and experts alike, you’ll discover what it takes to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces using an authentic pottery wheel. Get ready to discover just how “sexy” pottery can be.

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What’s more “metal” than love?


Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but handcrafted jewelry from her SO means so much more. Skip the trip to the jewelers and take this metalsmithing class, where you’ll learn to manipulate beautiful, pure metals into handcrafted jewelry. With the help of a friendly professional artist, you’ll discover, develop and design jewelry for one another. Who knows? After this class, you may just be inspired to pop the question.

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Art and wine is always fine.

BYOB art classes have become a date night staple in recent years and for good reason: art + wine = happy times. Seriously. In this wine and art session, you and your partner will recreate a predetermined painting, stroke by stroke in tandem under the instruction of an experienced painter. Come for the BYOB, stay for the art and leave with a new work of art for your foyer. Win-win-win.

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Turn down the lights with this candlemaking class.


You light candles for a romantic evening, so making candles should be romantic too, right? Why not! Craft, customize and design your own wicks, molds and scents in this candlemaking workshop where you’ll learn all about how to make any kind of candle. From seasonal to romantic, you’ll have plenty of new candle options to choose from for your next evening in.

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Play with pheromones and perfume.


Pheromones may have attracted you to your SO, but considering you’ll be smelling their perfume or cologne all day long, you might as well get it right. This perfume class is perfect for a couple who want to design their own scents for one another. Mixing your choice of quality essential and fragrance oils and blending aromas for a desired smell, you and your partner will have a romantic, thoughtful afternoon coming up with the right smells that will get all of your senses tingling.

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SF Art Deco and prosecco?


A fan of time travel? Then step back into the past on this romantic walking tour of San Francisco’s best Art Deco architecture built in the 1920s and 1930s. With a tour guide by your side, you’ll visit famous sites like the Rincon Center, the Pacific Exchange, the 450 Sutter Medical Building and the Westin St Francis Hotel in Union Square. Along the way, you’ll learn tons about art history and why art is about capturing the essence of love.

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Voice acting for two.

voice talent

In a world...where you just want a romantic, but interesting night for two, you and your partner embark on a journey to learn the art of voice acting! In this class, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the voiceover industry and how to read copy with feedback from respected voice-over author, Elaine Clark. You may never pursue that career in voiceover, but you can learn to seduce your partner with just a few melodic words.

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