San Francisco: the happy, hill-y, hipster hub of the nation. Home to hybrid cars, endless bikers, and loads of beanies, every bend and mountainous rise in pavement is full of culture and character.

But the hipster scene can be tough -- with so many people out there trying to to forge their own path, even the artsiest of artsy things can slip into becoming the dreaded “mainstream.” There can only be so many hoodie-wearing, camera bearing people walking around on the street before it just becomes commonplace.

But don’t let this be true for the SF dating scene. Sure, a sail on the Bay or a hike through the woods might seem like an “out of the box” idea at first, but trust us, every entrepreneur-techy-startup person in SF -- and there are a ton of them -- has been there, done that.

Relationships are hard, especially in San Fran where the these techy types like to spend more time coding and building businesses than building relationships. But with the right date, you’ll find the right boo thang in no time. So let us help you with a list of dates you can claim you knew were cool before anyone else. Sayonara, San Fran Bay sail.


Kiss the Clouds (and your Bae)

san fran date
hot air balloon

Forget the helicopter rides you’re always seeing on the Bachelorette, you’ve got a date that will put all those mainstream Don Juans to shame.  Escape the hills and working world below as you drift up, up, and away with your bae -- in a hot air balloon.

Here’s a date that will score you more hipster points than all the world’s fedoras combined. Boom.

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Veggie Tales

san fran date
food tour

What’s better than a food tour? A vegetarian food tour. If you’re into that, we guess.

Surprise your date with a veggie-friendly food filled day, and spend it tasting delectable dishes while discussing your love of furry friends.

Fill your stomachs, minds, and hearts as you fall in love with every vegetarian bite offered (and perhaps with your date, too).

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Cars are So Mainstream

san fran date
bike tour

Forget picking up your date and driving yourselves to dinner. You can do better than that.

Instead, get a little sweaty and get those endorphins flowing as you and bae pedal your way through North California’s gorgeous rolling hills and vineyards.

Show off your taste for the finer things in life and settle down for a wine tasting and lunch after your long bike ride. There, you can tell your date all about how you found such an amazing  under-the-radar activity with the help of a trusty website (hint, hint).

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I Liked This Song Before it Got Famous

san fran date
jazz concert

What’s more hipster than jazz on a weekend? Jazz on a Tuesday.

Bring your boo to vibe to some of San Fran’s grooviest music. It’s even more hipster than hipster music -- meaning you’ll win your date’s hipster heart within seconds. Plus, enjoy dinner as you watch the show, and get fancy with delicious cocktails from the bar. ​​​​​​​

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Escape the Wannabes

san fran date
nature hike
wine tasting

What’s the best way to hipster-fy that all-too-typical hiking date? Add wine.

What’s the best way to get first-date conversation flowing? Add wine.

What’s the best way to gain confidence in your maybe not so great hiking skills? Add beer.

Nah, we’re just kidding -- add wine. You get the idea.

Escape all those San Fran hipster wannabes and show your bae that you’re the real deal. Enjoy the stunning sights of redwood trees and pristine natural areas as you sip on all different types of that vino. ​​​​​​​

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