Choose Yo’ Booze: Perfect Dates with Awesome Drinks
While getting to know someone, there are some essential pieces of information that should be shared between you and your potential romantic partner. Obvious factoids like learning each other’s names and interests are fun and all, but something that’s equally important and yet often overlooked is: what kind of alcohol do you enjoy? Find out what your new beau does and doesn’t like, and plan accordingly with these alcohol-infused date ideas.

Mi sake es su sake.


Don’t expect this Sake outing to be too explosive. It’s time to put your days of sake-bombing behind you and open a new door. Bring your date on this sake tour and tasting to experience a more tranquil and zen-like affair; guaranteed to be equal parts educational, spiritual, and delicious. Your special someone will love learning about the production of sake, observing sake artifacts and implements, and tasting world-class rice wine. But mostly, they’ll love engaging in relaxed, comfortable conversation with you in a classy and laid-back setting.

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Art + Tenderloin + whiskey = true love.

The Tenderloin has one of the richest histories of all San Francisco’s neighborhoods. Once the scene of poverty, prostitution, and drug addiction, the area has transformed itself into one of the most artistically vibrant communities in the United States -- all while steadfastly resisting gentrification. So raise a glass of whiskey, in honor of the Tenderloin’s hardscrabble character. After all, whiskey and the Tenderloin have a lot in common-- they both seem a little rough around the edges, but once you get to know them, you’ll enjoy the subtle nuances. Romance abound!

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Love is a'brewing.

Raise a glass to the golden age of craft beer! There are few better places in the world to celebrate than right here in San Fran. Take your date out for some delicious beer tastings, food samplings, and an educational look at the city during this boozy excursion. By the end of the tour, you’ll both have a litany of hip places, dishes, and brews in your back pocket to make all your own. Trendy couple goals FTW.

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Mission you.

san Francisco

So your sweetheart just got back in town and you need to show ‘em what they’ve been missing -- time to head to the Mission! This eclectic neighborhood taste tour offers an equally varied eating and drinking selection that’s sure to please your sweetheart, allowing you to bond with each other over cocktails while learning the fabulous history behind each. You’re both sure to walk out of this tour as experts on the Mission’s culture and history with a newfound appreciation for drinks, too.

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Red, red wine.

You don’t NEED good ambience to enjoy great wine, but it certainly helps -- and you’ll certainly get your fill of both on this tour of the Muir Woods and Wine Country. A scenic morning walk is the perfect way to get to know a date. You’ll then head to wine country, where you can say cheers to your good time and enjoy a classy and educational outing with fellow wine lovers. The relaxed social atmosphere will take pressure off of the conversation, but you’re sure to find moments of enjoyment connecting with each other during this awesome date.

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