Smart is Sexy: 7 Scintillating Date Spots in San Fran
Jocks are so 90’s -- You want a lover who pulls their nose out of their book just long enough to give you a lingering kiss. It’s true, the modern Casanova spends most of his/her time in art galleries and museums. Welcome to 2016.

So update your game and engage in the academic. You could take your special someone out to a reasonably-priced Italian restaurant, but do you really want to sit in silence for an hour and a half trying to choke down mediocre chicken parm? Alternative: arouse their intellect (and everything else) by taking them on one of these romantic adventures. Below is your secret weapon to dating the smart and savvy, so brush up on your Faulkner and use it wisely.

Mind and Body

massage class

Idle hands are are the Devil’s playthings -- Put yours to good use!

Join celebrity masseuse Megan Holub and learn how to rub your partner down from head to toe in a relaxed, intimate environment.

You have memorized every curve of your lover’s body; every freckle, every scar, every stupid tattoo -- they all make you smile. Now make you partner smile by giving them a massage that will blow their mind every time.

Of course you're not completely selfless. You’ll enjoy the benefits of your lover’s newfound skill and highly-trained hands, but remember: giving is always better than receiving.

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Oh-So Fly

aerial tours

Everyone has a good side, and San Francisco is no different.

Grab your lover by the hand and take to the skies to see the city from its best angle. Strap in and soar above one of America's most iconic skylines as the sun dips below the waves. Whisper sweet nothings over the Golden Gate Bridge and bat lashes over Alcatraz.

Your hearts will soar as you get a bird’s-eye briefing on the History of San Francisco while the city unfolds beneath you. Together, you’ll see the city at its best -- From the sky!

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Pizza: A Love Story

cooking class
culinary arts

You love two things in life: your partner, and pizza.

You’re all smiles on date night when the doorbell rings and the Dominos delivery guy arrives, but your partner is not impressed. You even try letting them pick the toppings. Nothing helps.

In a desperate attempt to bring balance and domestic tranquility back to your personal life without having to choose one over another, you try something crazy: you sign up for a pizza workshop.

As you and your lover massage the dough you seem to massage the tension out of your relationship -- you even see the hint of a smile! It’s working. As you gently put your pies in the oven your hands graze, and by the time you take your first bites you are laughing like the day you met.

At last, your two great loves are at peace with each other. You even made a heart out of the pepperonis. Smooth.

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The Secret to Sophistication

You can’t stay young forever and it’s time for you and your sweetheart to grow up. No more Keystone Light and microwaved queso. You are sophisticated professionals, and all your friends need know it.

Enroll in this wine and cheese pairing class where you and your partner will learn how to choose the cheese that will turn your bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck into a Five-Buck-Brad! (The answer is Kraft singles. Seriously though, please don't bring Kraft singles to the class.)

Sample fine wines and cheeses while you learn the basic strategies for pairing. Discover your favorite flavor combinations and solve the mystery that is as old as time: why do wine and cheese taste so good together?

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Mission: Chocolate


Picture yourself, letting the gnarled banks of the river slip past your raft as Johnny Depp places a bon-bon, ever so gently, onto the tip of your tongue. Not the now-Johnny-Depp, with guyliner and dreads, but the young, seductive, clean Johnny Depp America fell in love with.

But most importantly, picture the chocolate… ah yes, the chocolate.

Bring your special someone along on this magical tour through the romantic Mission District. You’ll stroll through the hippest part of San Francisco exploring candy shops and chocolate factories on a three-hour, craft chocolate-focused tour. Your quest for candy will also teach you about the history of one of San Francisco's most interesting neighborhoods.

You may not look like Johnny Depp, but you will certainly score a whole cholo-lot of brownie points with your partner on this tour.

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Sail into the Sunset

golden gate bridge

Candles and rose petals will only get you so far. How about his instead:

Watch the sun melt down into the shimmering waves and turn the sea into a beaten sheet of copper. The lights in the city grow brighter as the sky darkens and their reflections dance like fireflies on the waves. A cool breeze plays across the water and you feel light flecks of sea-foam on your neck as you lean in for a kiss.

So let the beauty of the San Francisco Bay set the stage for your next romantic evening. On this tour, you and your partner will sail past The Presidio, The Marina District and Fort Mason. You’ll glide under the Golden Gate Bridge and nibble on a delectable assortment of hors d'oeuvres with a sweet surprise at the end. Relax and enjoy the music as the ship’s guitarist plucks a few soulful note while you grab a complimentary beverage at the bar.

This single date will accomplish the three f’s central to smart dating: fancy, fun, and felicitous.

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The Art of Seduction

Paint Outdoors
Outdoor Painting
Plein Air Painting
Art Class
Painting Class

“Paint me like one of your French girls!”

If you learned anything from Titanic it was that painters are sexy. Take your lover out to the coast and show them your best brush strokes while you bask in the sun and take in the brusque sea air. You don't have to be a professional painter to make a work of art.

Your instructor will show you a step-by-step method to paint beautiful landscapes, even if you are a self-proclaimed ‘science person.’ Leave with a painting that serves as a memento of the lovely afternoon you spent with your special someone.

You’ll get to impress your partner with your newfound artistic side and show them that, just like the Titanic, your love is epic.

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