You’re in the capital city.  Home to monuments, history, politics, news, and those cherry blossom trees that everyone freaks out about -- it’s the place to BE. But are you feeling (red, white, and) blue about your DC dating life? Did the National Postal Museum fail to make any of the 5 dates you brought there weak in the knees?

While we applaud your consistency and perseverance, it seems you may have forgotten the most exciting fact about this buzzing capital. Let us help. 2 words. 11 letters.  

N I C O L A S    C A G E

Forget the founding fathers, this hero brought us to tears in his cinematic search for the National Treasure. Hearts pumping, eyes twitching, tensions rising -- everyone who’s anyone felt this as they watched Nic Cage, legend that he is, follow clue after clue to steal the Declaration of Independence and find the lost National Treasure of the Knights Templar. And guess what? He got the girl at the end. This dude pulls.

So take a page from Cage. Enough with the museums and monuments, it’s time to show your bae you’re capable of more than naming the date of the world’s first postage stamp. It's time for you to steal your own National Treasure -- bae's heart, that is. With these date ideas as your guide, you're sure to become the newest Saint Nicolas of DC.  

Well. It’s a stretch.  But hey you might as well train for the occasion. You never know, right?  And what better way to cozy up to your date than during the thrill of a fun mission.

We can’t all be Nic Cage, but by God we can try.  


Be Cute, Plan your Route

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night tour

Finding a National Treasure is no easy task. Although Nic Cage may make it seem otherwise, you’ve got your work cut out for you.  “But what about my personal life?” you may ask, “I want to successfully plot discovering a highly-hidden historical treasure, but I also want to find love.” No. Decision. Necessary .

This doesn’t have to be all work, work, work, work, work.  Find love while in stealth mode with the DC After Dark tour.  Enjoy your fun date night and see all of the most popular and fascinating DC monuments lit up under the stars.  As you familiarize yourself with landmarks of the important historical buildings, you wont help but swoon at the romantic evening.  

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Capture His or Her Heart (and the Much Needed Surveillance Pics)

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What better way to complete a stakeout than with bae by your side and a professional guide to teach you the necessary tips. Learn from the best (and by best, we mean the fearless finder of the National Treasure, of course) and spend your fun date night documenting all the stunning sites of Capitol Hill.  

Nothing says sexy like knowing what shutter speed to use.

And if your date is impressed by this, just wait until they see what you've captured. You’ve got a seamless path to love ahead of you, my friend, and it all starts with a digital camera.   

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(Paint)ball Out

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Do you need someone tough? Someone brave? Someone willing to take a (paint) bullet for you? Pev’s Paint in the beautiful capital city is the perfect place to take your dare-devil partner.

Practice your soon-to-be-needed bullet-dodging skills while sparks fly between you and your date as you sprint from barrier to barrier in an explosion of color.  

Is it getting hot in here or is it just those preventative bullet wound layers? ;)

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Escape a Lonely Heart

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escape rooms

Rome wasn’t built Nic Cage didn’t steal the Declaration of Independence in day. Don’t be naive. You need some practice.

Bring your boo to an oval office themed escape room and show off your wit while you lead the pair of you to safety.  You have one hour!  

Don’t get it the first time? Practice makes perfect.  Bring back boo number two while you train again for the risky escapades in your foreseeable future.  

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Celebrate Your Success

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happy hour tour

If you’re an experienced “treasure protector,” as our dear friend Nicolas Cage likes to say, you may be looking for somewhere a little less surveillance-oriented to bring your date.  

In that case, it’s officially time to rage like Cage with your babe as you tour the happy hour scene on 14th Street.  Get to know your girl or guy while you sample delicious eats and one-of-a-kind craft beers with good company.  

After all, nothing is better than a date and a drink after a long, hard day of plotting to discover a National Treasure.  

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