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Have you ever wondered how the hell you're supposed to plan a date based solely on a Tinder profile?

Yes, many, many times.

We all have. Well, worry no more. We've selected five DC personalities we tend to swipe on the reg, and paired five great date ideas with each consecutive character. Oh, one more thing -- they're all Founding Fathers.


The Hipster: Foodie Food Tour

Food Tour
DC Date ideas

Benjamin Franklin

About Me: I rocked NYC’s first manbun #TrendSetter. I love flying kites, reupholstering antiques and jamming airmonica with my friend. We play like shoegaze-garage-drone-pop. #TheStruggleIsReal amongst all these other imposters. I Just created this profile for fun. Probably going to delete it tomorrow. Don’t even try to talk to me if you're just looking for a hookup or you haven’t read my autobiography. I’m really looking for an immediate connection -- you know, something electric.

Benjamin Franklin was America’s, and possibly the world’s, first hipster. He was doing everything before it was cool. From discovering electricity, to creating obscure musical instruments, it’s hard to find something this man hasn’t done. Take him to some secret grub spots in DC. While he may be too cool for everything else, he isn't too cool for delicious and eclectic eats. 

Get ready… you + food + Ben Franklin + the right filter = Instagram FAMOUS!

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The Party Bro: Brewery Tour Date

Brewery Tour
DC Date ideas

Samuel Adams

About Me: Who’s down for a tea party?! Not me -- I'll toss that weak caffeine into the harbor and then get shwasted back at my place on my own beer. Boston lager, of course. I once did a keg stand for like twenty seconds straight. No joke. I could’ve gone longer but my jealous cousin John knocked me over. HMU ladies! #YOLO

It’s a no-brainer for this party boy. Take Sammy "The A Man" Adams, on a brewery tour date and this bro will be back for a second date, we're sure of it.

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The Man's Man: A Presidential Brunch

Boat Cruise
DC Date ideas

George Washington

About Me: Just checking things out. 

George Washington is a stoic man of few words. The strong and silent type. After commanding an underdog army of ragtag colonial misfits, it’s easy to understand why this dignified but rough-around-the-edges gentleman deserves a dignified date.

While it’s rare to see the man smile (he’s embarrassed about the wooden chompers), you’ll get him grinning on a delectable brunch cruise -- just don’t stare at his teeth.

Take in the majesty of the capital city in the country he helped create while sipping on champagne and taking a bite out of Eggs Benedict (Arnold).

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The Rich Kid: Netflix and Monti(Chill)o

DC Date ideas

Thomas Jefferson

About Me: Farm boy here, born and raised. I’d love to show you around my beautiful property and huge mansion. Did I mentioned I designed it myself? Yeah, that and the Constitution, it’s pretty dope too, I guess. NBD. Come on girls, let’s go back to my place. We can just Netflix and chill...

Thomas Jefferson. if there’s one thing he loves more than a small federalized government (and himself), it’s his opulent mansion, plantation in Monticello. He’ll have a blast showing you his perfectly-kept grounds and unique historic mansion famed for its interesting architecture (and interesting architect). Just ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’, he loves that.

Just prepare yourself for a bad movie. His favorite category on Netflix is "Because you watched Independence Day".

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The Nice Guy: A Better Duel

DC Date ideas

Alexander Hamilton

About Me: Hey there, beautiful. I'm really into musicals. Just got my first gig on Broadway! I love kids. I’m also really good with money -- like really good. Huge dog lover too!

Alexander Hamilton is probably the best catch out of this bunch. He’s friendly, loves his kids, and opposed the hell out of slavery. What’s not to like? Unfortunately his life got cut short from a duel he lost. That’s why he’d love the The Magic Duel at the Mayflower. Not only is it incredibly funny with amazing illusions, it’s more of a showdown between two magicians than a shootout at the OK Corral, so no one leaves in a box at this duel.

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