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    Intro to Rock Climbing (Ralph Stover State Park)

    You don't need a gym when you have the entire Northeast as your playground. Grab a helmet and a harness, and get ready for your entry to the exciting sport of rock climbing. You'll head over to the granite faces of Pennsylvania's Ralph Stover State Park where you will learn terminology, safety, and basic climbing techniques and body positions. Then it's time to take to the cliffs, where you'll learn how to tie in to be a climber, and how to keep your climber from falling or plummeting to the ground when you're a belayer. You will be able to practice your new skills on cliffs of different heights and rock types, keeping things exciting. On belay? Belay on. Climbing? Climb on. Rocking? ROCK ON.
    Intro to Rock Climbing (Ralph Stover State Park)

    Ralph Stover State Park, Pipersville

    • Experience rock climbing in gorgeous Ralph Stover State Park
    • Learn to use the gear, safety, basic climbing technique, and how to belay a climber
    • Try a fun workout for an adventurous soul
    • Practice your moves on rock faces of all types
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    Outdoor Rock Climbing - Birdsboro

    You've always wanted to be a rockstar, right? Well here we've got all of the rockstars you could ask for -- rock climbing stars, that is! Join this tour, specifically for beginners, and learn everything you need to know to become the rock climbing champ that you are! Your experienced instructor will teach you safety, such as belay instruction, knot tying, equipment use, safety checks, and communication calls, as well as climbing techniques and tips, such as foot positioning, hand holds, body movements, and climbing ethics. Along the way you'll be able to enjoy the great outdoors, make new friends, conquer your fears, and challenge your body. You'll be reaching new heights in no time!
    Outdoor Rock Climbing - Birdsboro

    Birdsboro Rock Quarry, Birdsboro

    • Climb one of over 100 routes that range in difficulty and height
    • Learn the basics of outdoor rock climbing including communication calls, climbing techniques, foot positioning, hand holds, and climbing ethics
    • Visit a local climbing crag that was once a quarry and practice your newly acquired skills
    • Adventure through 2 shallow creek crossings, a cable bridge, and the great outdoors!
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