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— Hip Hop
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    Hip Hop

    Tarikh's class delivers urban choreography geared toward in-training dancers who want to improve in movement retention, intricate musicality, and full out performance. Dancers are instructed to do more than memorize the moves. Tarikh breaks down how to hear, understand, and communicate the intention behind every movement using energy, body control, and texture. This class also exposes dancers to more hip hop music than they'll ever hear on the radio or Spotify. There is no other class in Boston like it. If you're looking for a fun challenge, you'll find it here.
    Hip Hop

    185 Green St, Cambridge

    • Learn fun, fast, and creative hip-hop dance routines
    • Work up a sweat, and get a great workout listening to awesome music
    • Gain dance skills from choreography professionals
    • No experience necessary
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    2 positive reviews
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    Adult Hip Hop and Breakdancing (Brighton)

    Whether you're bumpin' to high tempos or keeping it smooth to a slow jam, this hip hop and breakdancing class will teach you how to be the most entertaining dancer on the floor. Here, you'll learn how to keep rhythm with these contemporary styles of dance and get in great shape while having a good time! Get ready to become swift and move with finesse on the dance floor with your newly honed skills in breaking, locking, and popping. The fundamentals of these styles of dance will be taught, and you will learn how to use them in conjunction with each other. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to challenge your body to get or stay in great shape with fun and energetic dancing. Come show the world who's the real one with flow!
    Adult Hip Hop and Breakdancing (Brighton)

    323 Washington St, Brighton

    • Explore the basics of hip-hop and breakdancing such as popping, locking, and breaking
    • Feel the rhythms and incorporate your own style with newly acquired moves
    • Be the swiftest and most finesse on the dance floor
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    7 positive reviews

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