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— Hip Hop
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    Intro to Hip Hop Dance

    Break out your best stank face and bust a move in this intensive introduction to the hip hop dance style. Under the guidance of your expert instructor, you'll learn the basic steps, pops, locks, and moves that make up the genre. As you master the exhilarating choreography, you'll build strength, endurance, all around flexibility, and tone every muscle in your body. You will have such a good time moving to the heavy beats, you'll barely notice the killer cardio workout you're getting along the way.
    Intro to Hip Hop Dance

    2526 6th St., Santa Monica

    • Discover how fun and exciting hip hop can be with an introductory class
    • Learn hard-hitting steps and moves like popping and locking
    • Build noticeable strength, flexibility, and endurance
    • No experience necessary
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    9 positive reviews
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    Hip Hop Intro Level

    Having trouble finding people that share your fly sensibilities? Like you, this class likes to keep things fresh. You'll be picking up some of the best moves from the Jazz and street dance-inspired world of hip-hop, from African popping and locking, to moves straight out of music video choreography. Start by internalizing moves via heart thumping drills, then put it all together in floor routines set to some of the best beats in music. Whether you're a novice or have been dancing for years, Hip hop is a modern, culturally relevant style you'll want to have in your repertoire. If you've ever wanted to learn phat dance moves, this is your chance to become a playa. Instructor Lisa Kellogg is a choreographer that has worked on television, movies, videos, and fashion shows, and alongside recording artists like Michael Jackson.
    Hip Hop Intro Level

    709 Lincoln Blvd, Venice

    • Master all of the latest moves in hip-hop while dancing to high energy beats
    • Dance to unique choreography that will change your perception of dance
    • Get a great workout that will get your blood pumping and tone your body
    • Discover a current form of dancing that boost your spirits and build your confidence
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    Hip Hop

    Feeling out of place at da club? Not sure how to get your twerk on? Have no fear: Hip Hop classes are here! And they're a great way to learn how to move to a beat and fit in on the dance floor. Hip Hop is a free-form, improvisational style that is fun for anybody to learn, and is also an essential component of modern dance. In fact, it's one of the most popular dance forms today. Take this class to get the essential basics to enter a world of movements destined to impress and turn heads. Next time you go to da club, you'll thank us!
    Hip Hop

    4454 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks

    • Learn the fundamentals of hip hop, memorize dance steps, and try out some fun choreography
    • Enjoy a fun class with a relaxed atmosphere and upbeat, high energy music
    • Express yourself through body movements and dance
    • Gain confidence, coordination, and rhythm from exciting exercises
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    10 positive reviews
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