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    Hip Hop Dance

    Push yourself to a new dancing level with this beginning hip hop class designed to introduce you to the basics of the dance. You will build a strong foundation that will help you master the street style of this dance. As you spin, twist, jump and move on the dance floor, you will be picking up important choreography lessons from your talented instructors. Learn to string together moves to make a routine of your own! This class is perfect for the dancer who is just starting out and wants to learn the right techniques.
    Hip Hop Dance

    1951 W Carson St, Torrance

    • Learn the basic concepts of hip hop choreography
    • Discover fun street style moves
    • Catch your groove in a welcoming environment
    • Make hip hop your favorite dance
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    Hip Hop

    Great ready to "Step up" and into the exciting world of hip hop dancing. Under the guidance of your enthusiastic, expert instructor, you'll quickly be mastering hip hop's steps, moves, pops, and locks. This high energy dance genre will give you an amazing cardio workout that is designed to tone every muscle in your body. Let the stress of your daily life slip away as you throw yourself into the exciting, hard-hitting choreography. Stop jealously watching dance movies and street performers, and start moving and grooving yourself. Note: It is recommended that you wear workout clothing and flexible sneakers.
    Hip Hop

    216 E Main St, Alhambra

    • Explore the exciting world of hip hop dance with an introductory class
    • Master hip hop's basic steps, pops, and locks as well as other exciting moves
    • Get an amazing cardio workout that tones your whole body
    • No experience necessary
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    8 positive reviews

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