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    Bhangra Dance Style

    You've watched one or two (or every existing) Bollywood films and fell into a trance during the inevitable wedding scene. You watched the attendees bust out killer moves on the dance floor without breaking a sweat. And ever since, you've dreamed of being invited to an Indian wedding to experience the thrill for yourself. Why don't you prep for that special day with a blood-pumping bhangra workout? At Dance Mission, you'll work alongside professional artists and diverse Bay Area community members to learn this exhilarating dance style. You'll learn the basics of the style while getting a great workout. This is a fantastic way to meet new people as well!
    Bhangra Dance Style

    3316 24th St, San Francisco

    • Spice up your workout regimen with an upbeat dance class on the world-famous Indian dance, Bhangra
    • Engage in a culturally enriching and personally rewarding lesson in an encouraging and professional environment
    • Beginners are welcome, as are all skill levels
    • Prep yourself for the Indian wedding you've always dreamed of attending and get an awesome workout while you're at it
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