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— Hip Hop
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    Freestyle House Dance

    Have you always had a knack for freestyling and creating your own choreography routines? Have you never had a knack for either of those things but wished you did? Whichever it is, this class is perfect for your needs! You'll work in a loving, supportive atmosphere to indulge your creative side as you try your hand at the art of freestyling and create new choreography routines to your favorite songs! Don't worry -- you'll get plenty of inspiration from the hip-hop-house-and-waacking routines you'll practice in class! You'll also have the opportunity to explore other urban and social dance traditions to add to your knowledge.
    Freestyle House Dance

    3316 24th St, San Francisco

    • Master foundational and rhythm-based footwork, strengthening, stretching, and more
    • Indulge in the craft of free-styling and learn how to create choreography based on your artistic preferences
    • Indulge in all-encompassing choreo -- including hip-hop, house, waacking, and more
    • Surrender to the beat in a supportive, professional atmosphere dedicated to your personal growth as a dancer
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    Beginning Hip Hop

    You got 99 problems but getting into shape ain't one! Work out to the sounds of hot, energetic beats as you learn some killer new hip-hop moves. At Alonzo King Lines Ballet, you'll take part in an enjoyable cardio dance class that utilizes every part of your body. This class is going to leave you feeling energetic and confident, with a whole slew of dance moves to use outside of the studio. It's also a great place to make friends and trade your favorite moves. Wait... we're having an augury... we see you at the center of a rambunctious dance circle, killing it with your moves. Not bad.
    Beginning Hip Hop

    26 7th St, San Francisco

    • Learn fun hip-hop moves while dancing to today's hottest beats
    • Enjoy a fun class and kick it with like-minded dancers
    • Increase your flexibility, confidence, and energy
    • Impress your friends and show off everything you've learned at your next party
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