Private Whale Watching (AM/PM)

What to expect
  • See wonders of nature such as the beautiful Coast of Hawaii and giant humpback whales
  • Ride on a perfect boat for whale watching, that will keep you close enough to the ocean to see the wildlife, but far enough away to be safe and stable
  • Learn about whales from an informative crew
  • Have fun while cruising along the Hawaiian waters!
So, one whale says to the other, "OOOOOoooooOooOoOOOooOOoOOoooOO


The other whale says, "Oh, quiet down, Frank, you're drunk"

Come listen to whale chatter on this fantastic tour!

Jump into the Ho'o Nanea to sail along the North Shore of Oahu to catch sight of some of Hawaii's breathtaking humpbacks! The boat is small and unobtrusive, so as to not scare the animals away. Additionally, you get the bonus of relaxing on a quiet sail boat and watching the experienced crew skillfully maneuver the vessel.

Hawaiian Humpback Whales are an important part of the Hawaiian marine ecosystem and a long standing icon in native Hawaiian culture, therefore no trip to the area is complete without a sighting of these creatures. You'll watch them glide beneath the water, exhale powerful "spouts," and propel their massive bodies out of the water.

It's an incredible experience for all ages. You'll have a whale of a good time!

Note: All sails are weather permitting and cannot be guaranteed.. Whale watching and dolphin spotting are seasonal activities and cannot be guaranteed. Please indicate how many people are participating in the "Special Request" box. A maximum of 19 people can participate in the cruise.
Key Highlights
Price $700.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2.5 hours
# Sessions 1
Rating 2 positive reviews
All cruises and tours have a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy. Any cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will not receive a refund.

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