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    Laser Cutting Basics

    Futuristic artists rejoice! This introductory class will let you upgrade from a paint brush to a laser! You'll learn to use an Epilog fusion laser cutter to etch stunning designs, and make works of art that will set you apart as an artisan. You'll get hands-on, personalized training in working the laser, including basic laser use and drawing files in CoreIDraw. You'll also learn about laser safety and appropriate materials, making for a well-rounded experience that will serve a great entry point into this exciting field. Best of all, you'll walk out of the class with your first handmade piece, perfect to show off your new skill set to your friends.
    Laser Cutting Basics

    2315 Commerce St, Houston

    • Learn to use laser cutting to create beautiful pieces of art in a small studio setting
    • Create a stunning souvenir to take home with you and show off
    • Enjoy learning to express yourself through a new artistic medium
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