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    Drunk Shakespeare - Balcony Seats

    Performing a full Shakespeare play is hard. Performing a Shakespeare play while wasted is just as hard, however, so much more entertaining! Sit back and watch as 1 person from this talented team of actors take at least 5 shots of whiskey, then try to act out, let alone remember, one of The Bard's master works. The result is exciting, hilarious, passionate, and totally unpredictable. Like Macbeth said, Drink, sir, is a great provoker -- and provoke they will! Prepare to be wildly entertained by professional drinkers with a serious Shakespeare problem.
    Drunk Shakespeare - Balcony Seats

    777 8th ave, New York

    • Experience the intoxicating thrill of live theater with Drunk Shakespeare
    • Watch actors take several shots and then try to perform a Shakespeare play
    • Laugh at liquor-inspired interpretations of classic characters
    • Indulge in libations of your own as you watch the performance
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    Group Magic Lessons

    Good magicians never reveal their secrets, right? Guess again! Take a class that will teach you all the tips and tricks that can make sophisticated'looking magic simple and conceivable for you to reproduce them. Learn everything you need to impress everyone with your skills and magical prowess, as you discover the allure of being a magician. You'll learn everything from startling card tricks to how to magically manipulate money. Everything from background, theory, and performance tips will be covered so you can strive to be the best magician you can be. Come feel like a true magician as you dazzle people with your skill, charm, wit, and delivery. Harness your inner magician and explore the fun of learning magic tricks!
    Group Magic Lessons

    37 E 28th St, New York

    • Learn all the secrets of sophisticated and mind'bending magic
    • Create a repertoire of magic tricks and actualize them like the "Pen through bill" and "Mind-reading card" trick
    • Master the techniques of magic tricks as well as being a convincing performer
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    VIP Night Tour at the Met

    You want a highly-academic, highbrow tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you stand before the great masters, contemplating their skilled use of line and form, while simultaneously placing them in the pantheon of other art historical geniuses, right? You picked the wrong tour. Welcome to Museum Hack VIP. Perfect for a date night, an evening with friends or a capstone to a New York City visit, Museum Hack's famous VIP tour guides will show you the secrets, backstories, and hidden nooks and crannies of the Greatest F*cking Museum on Earth. This "by New York City residents, for New York City residents" tour will show you the Met like you have never seen it before. It's 3 hours and packed full of one-of-a-kind experiences. We promise Museum Hack VIP will be the classiest, most salacious, most exciting evening you've ever had in a museum.
    VIP Night Tour at the Met

    1000 5th Ave, New York

    • Partake in a quirky and memorable experience on a VIP tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Learn the history and little-known facts behind the tour guide's favorite pieces of art and the museum
    • Get Instagram-worthy shots to wow your friends
    • Enjoy a glass of wine -- but be ready to drink it fast!
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    Museum Hack Tour of the Museum of Natural History

    Dinosaurs! Science! Adventure! Oh My! Break out your pith helmet to embark upon a brazen expedition through the halls of New York City's world-famous American Museum of Natural History (AMNH). Join your maverick tour guide as you deftly navigate this massive, 1.6 million square foot landmark and cultural institution. Learn the science and history behind the amazing animals, the stories of the awesome adventurers that collected them, and the dirty little secrets that make AMNH like no other museum on earth. Ditch the traditional museum tour for this fun and educational experience unlike any other!
    Museum Hack Tour of the Museum of Natural History

    Central Park West & 79th St, New York

    • Explore and hear fascinating stories of all the American Museum of Natural History's exhibits
    • Snap fun photos and enjoy science and history like never before
    • Save time exploring many more exhibits than you could on your own in a day
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