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— International (Ages 5-12 Years)
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    Kids Japanese Classical Dance (ages 8-11)

    It's never too early to immerse your child in a culture. This Japanese Classical Dance class does exactly that. It doesn't matter if you're Japanese or Swedish because the traditions preached transcend ethnicity. In this class, your child will learn Nihon buyō, a traditional Japanese dance from as far back as the 17th century. They will learn how to gracefully and powerfully interpret poetry being sung as well as how to move with precision and strength with music. Props are introduced in this class along with the basic movements and processes to look authentically Japanese.
    Kids Japanese Classical Dance (ages 8-11)

    41-26 27th St, Queens

    • Learn classical Japanese dance that was founded in 1603
    • Listen to the poetry accompanying the music and interpret the meaning of each lyric
    • Dance energetically, sternly, or sensually depending on the song
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