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— International Food
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    Bronx's Little Italy Tour

    Bakeries, butchers, and boutiques. Not to mention dominos and dancing on the street. Get busy in the boogie down Bronx on edifying excursion, and find out where the concrete jungle keeps its soul. Traipse about Belmont and Arthur Avenue with a local guide, and find yourself amidst a culinary center renowned for its enticing aromas. Explore speciality shops, support small businesses with a little shopping, and sample culinary treats in Little Italy. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Belmont and Fordham Road, and the mix of cultures that gives the borough its vitality. Enjoy insights and anecdotes to lend it all context. Three hours later, expect an epiphany to occur: This tour is dumb good.
    Bronx's Little Italy Tour

    89 E 42nd St, New York

    • Get in touch with the Bronx during a cultural walking tour with a local guide
    • Shop in the famed Belmont and Arthur Avenue boutiques and markets
    • Enjoy food samples, insights, and anecdotes to put it all into perspective
    • Treat yourself to a constructive escape that will inform and inspire
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    Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

    The maze of narrow and chaotic streets that make up Chinatown and Little Italy are often intimidating and unknown to both visitors and locals alike. Join a walking tour led by an animated and friendly guide to learn more about these neighborhoods through fascinating historical stories and culinary delights. On this walking food tour, you'll visit seven different locations, while sampling food, culture and history. Enjoy a scrumptious cannoli one minute, and be headed to devour dumplings the next. Visiting everything from NYC staples to family-owned shops, hidden gems, and historic landmarks, you'll be engulfed in a food experience to remember. Your tasting menu may include:
    • Homemade mozzarella paired with prosciutto
    • Imported Italian cheeses
    • An authentic Sicilian pastry, cannoli
    • A tasty Italian surprise
    • Sit-down to Authentic Chinese meal
    • Authentic Chinese dumplings
    • A traditional Chinese pastry
    Note: All food tastings are included. This tour is recommended for ages 10 and up. Tastings are subject to change without notice. Exact meeting location provided upon ticket purchase. Please make note of any dietary restrictions or food allergies in the "Special Requests" section when placing your booking. The tour will do its best to accommodate your food requests (this includes vegetarian substitutions if necessary).
    Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest

    Chinatown, New York

    • Traverse the eccentric Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods by foot
    • Visit seven different tasting locations
    • Eat delicious Chinese and Italian staples, from egg custard tarts and dumplings to cannoli and prosciutto
    • Explore the history and culture of these NYC hot spots
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    International Food Tour of Astoria, Queens

    Here's some food for thought: The only way to really understand a culture is through its cuisine. Eat your way into the heart of Astoria during this international food tour, and you'll get a bellyfull of enlightenment. Walk aromatic streets known for their Greek, Italian, German, Middle Eastern, South American, and Southeast Asian cultures. Stop in at various cafes and eateries along the way for delicious bites. Baklava, Columbian sweet bread, and Greek spanakopita are just a sample of the dishes you'll be invited to try. As you thoughtfully munch, top off the experience with historical insights delivered by a fellow foodie and knowledgeable host. Bring an appetite for learning! And eating!
    International Food Tour of Astoria, Queens

    Don Coqui, 28-18 31st St, Astoria

    • Explore the diverse makeup of Astoria during a walking tour
    • Visit various eateries for samples of gourmet ethnic cuisine
    • Enjoy insights into local cultures and Astoria's history
    • Fill your stomach and your mind during a satisfying stroll
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    Chelsea Market & The Highline Food Tour

    Ever feel like you're missing out on some of New York's most delicious secrets? Even if you're a local foodie, there's always another hideaway to be discovered. During this food tour, you'll explore the historic 112 year old landmark building that houses the Chelsea Market and taste samples from seven of the best vendors. Before it's all said and done, you'll take in the great views of the High Line, and enjoy a final food tasting at a trendy restaurant in the Meatpacking District. Discover the hidden world of food in Meatpacking!
    Chelsea Market & The Highline Food Tour

    75 9th Ave, New York

    • Tour the Chelsea Market and learn about it's remarkable past
    • Sample food from seven amazing vendors
    • Enjoy a tasting at an acclaimed restaurant in the Meatpacking District
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    Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food Tour

    Old-world charm meets youthful, downtown vibes on the cozy corners of Nolita. Walking through the same streets as John Gotti and Martin Scorsese, you will taste your way through this area North of Little Italy. Formerly known for flophouses, Skid Row bums, and CBGB's, the area's transformed into a hotbed for posh hotels and delectable dining. Learn the history and culture, while glimpsing at the cast-iron facades and cobblestone streets, covering restaurants unfound in any guidebook. Sampling goodies from Roman pizza to authentic Mexican food, get ready to uncover New York history!
    Nolita & Little Italy’s Secrets Food Tour

    Mott St & Prince St, New York

    • Explore the history and culture of Nolita, former home to flophouses and now posh nightlife
    • Taste your way through the delectable, ethnic eateries, including Roman pizza and Mexican tacos
    • Discover off-the-beaten-path restaurants that aren't found in any NYC guide
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    Flavors of Chinatown Food Tour

    Next stop: Chinatown! This three hour walking tour leads you through the delicious history, cuisine and culture of New York City's Chinatown. You'll get to experience Chinatown's diverse neighborhood of food culture and historic landmarks firsthand. You will also enjoy regional cuisine options from three exquisite Chinese restaurants, while practicing traditional etiquette that is partnered with these foods. From the famous Peking Duck House's Beijing style duck to ABC Cantonese's golden seafood fried rice, your palate will be taken on an adventure like never before!
    Flavors of Chinatown Food Tour

    9 Barrow St Ste 2E , New York

    • Walking food tour of Chinatown
    • Learn history, culture and cuisine of Chinatown
    • Taste regional offerings from three local restaurants
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