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— Jazz
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    Jazz Dance

    Does your experience with jazz dancing end at putting your hands in the air and wiggling your fingers? Not that there's anything wrong with jazz hands, but it may be time to expand your repertoire. During this fun and encouraging lesson, you'll learn the fundamentals of this highly expressive form of dance from a professional! Develop the strength and speed necessary to perform high energy footwork, leaps, and turns, and become confident and skilled enough to add your own flare. You'll almost be having too much fun to notice the immediate improvements in your overall health, including increased muscle tone and flexibility...almost.
    Jazz Dance

    1647 Taraval St, San Francisco

    • Practice the basics of jazz during this encouraging and inclusive dance class
    • Develop the strength and speed necessary to perform high energy footwork, leaps, and turns
    • Notice immediate improvement in overall health, including increased muscle tone and flexibility
    • No experience necessary
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    Beginning Jazz

    "If you have to ask what Jazz is, you'll never know." - Louis Armstrong Don't ask, just do! At Alonzo King Lines Ballet, you'll learn the fundamental movements and steps of jazz dance. Practice the jazz square, different isolations, the jazz walk, and more. This improvisation-heavy form is a great chance to express yourself and connect to music in a new way. Working out in the studio is also the perfect opportunity to make new friends that share your interests. After this class, you will be familiar with the basic rhythms and moves and be ready to cut a rug on the dance floor. Better get to the mirror and practice those jazz hands.
    Beginning Jazz

    26 7th St, San Francisco

    • Learn the basic moves and foundations for jazz dance in a beginner's class
    • Explore the history of a well-loved dance form that features heavy improvisation
    • Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility
    • Have fun while you get in a great workout
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    Jazz Blues Dance w/ Roger

    Best way out of a funk? Get funky! In this vigorous jazz blues class, you'll learn to interpretively dance set to a variety of genres, including jazz, blues, soul, gospel, and techno. You'll begin the class with a choreographed warm-up, followed by more elaborate combinations and patterns. Your dance instructor will help you along the way, showing you how to fine-tune your body alignment, spatial awareness and much more. Looks like blue just became your new color!
    Jazz Blues Dance w/ Roger

    2560 9th St, Berkeley

    • Learn the fundamentals of jazz blues dance in an uptempo and social dance studio
    • Master unique choreography designed to teach you the basics of this fun, energetic interpretive dance
    • Get a great cardiovascular workout while developing your motor control and rhythm
    • Use dance as vehicle for cultural communication and artistic expression
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