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    Fused Jewelry Class (1 Hour)

    Experience glass on a personal scale. Create a fused-glass piece for you to wear and show-off. During this exciting one-hour jewelry workshop you'll make your very own unique piece of jewelry. You will have the choice of making a pendant, earring set, or ring. Customize your masterpiece with your own hand-selected silver findings and glass colors. You'll use the silver backings and hardware to mount your beautiful fused glass centerpiece. Add to your jewelry box and neckline in this fashionable class!
    Fused Jewelry Class (1 Hour)

    416 Lenox St, Norwood

    • Create a unique piece of jewelry, such as a pendant, earrings, or a ring
    • Use silver backings and hardware to mount your unique fused-glass piece
    • Show-off your creativity and add something beautiful and unique to your wardrobe
    • Enjoy meeting other craftsmen in the making
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    Introduction to Beadmaking

    Jewelry making is great and all, until you just can't find that perfect colored bead. Stop relying on crafting stores to achieve your artistic visions, and take matters into your own hands! In this 2-hour crafting class, travel back in time to explore the over 5000 year old art form of glass beadmaking -- using the best modern equipment and supplies, of course. Learn all the fundamental skills and information needed to produce your own glass beads in nearly any shape or color you can imagine, including safety procedures, how to manipulate hot glass, how to color glass, and how to decorate the surface. Enjoy the luxury of having your own workstation, torch, tools, and all the supplies and glass you need to be well on your way towards making custom jewelry more beautiful than you ever dreamed!
    Introduction to Beadmaking

    86 Maple St, Waltham

    • Learn to create and decorate your very own glass beads during this beadmaking class
    • Explore the fundamentals of this ancient artform, such as shaping and coloring hot glass
    • Enjoy the perk of having your own workstation and tools to customize your beads any way imaginable
    • Gain a hands on experience and hang on to your creation forever
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