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    Where some martial arts are keen to tactfully bring the opponent into submission, Judo focuses on throws and strategic takedowns to ultimately pin the competitor instead. You'll get to learn the fundamentals of Judo while refining some other positive qualities: respect, mental and physical flexibility, calmness, and a variety of other improvements. You'll also get to train your body to be ready for the physical dexterity needed to stay ahead of your opponent. These qualities will help facilitate a strong understanding of how Judo operates, and how to use its philosophies to reach its full potential. Not only that, you'll also be able to bring yourself to your full potential, too!

    1663 Columbia Rd, Boston

    • Learn the multidimensional martial art of Judo, and train using takedowns and joint locks
    • Train your body and mind for this more modern and highly intense fighting system
    • Challenge yourself to master the intricacies of this sport
    • Use Judo as the perfect medium for building a variety of positive characteristics
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    Judo is the perfect martial art for anyone who appreciates both a good workout and has a killer sense of irony. Why is that? Well Judo, a modern Japanese martial art and combat sport that originated in the late nineteenth century, means "gentle way." In this class, you'll be introduced to Judo's fundamental techniques, including throwing, grappling, and striking movements to enable you to take down any opponent not so gently, of course. Then, gain the tools to immobilize or subdue any threat with grappling maneuvers. Practice on being able to use strategic force to submit your opponent by joint locking the elbow or by applying a choke. The tools you will learn in this class will last a fighting lifetime!

    36 W Broadway, Boston

    • Explore the fundamentals of the Japanese martial art and combat sport of Judo
    • Learn strikes, defenses, and grapples to immobilize or subdue any opponent
    • Practice grappling maneuvers through joint locking or choke holds
    • Begin to improve your flexibility, endurance, strength, and confidence
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