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— Judo
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    Judo what? Easy does it in this martial arts class! Judo, known as the "gentle way," incorporates a variety of techniques and skills designed to subdue one's adversary without causing more harm than necessary. You'll learn to use a variety of unbalancing maneuvers designed to use your opponent's' weight against them, meaning you can take on assailants who may weigh considerably more than you. In addition, you'll pick up holds and joint locks designed to easily restrain, and work on punches and kicks so that you can strike with confidence when necessary. It may be gentle, but you'll still be kicking butt!

    96-25 Linden Blvd, Queens

    • Pick up the fundamentals of one of the world's most popular self-defense styles
    • Learn to defend yourself with ease in a style that focuses on weight shifts and efficiency
    • Internalize throws, blocks, holds and other other maneuvers so that they're second nature
    • Develop the confidence that you'll be able to defend yourself successfully if ever needed
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    Judo -- Trial Class

    As the most practiced individual sport in the world, more than 20 million people partake in judo everyday. So you're a little late to the party, but don't let that stop you from learning more about this addicting martial art. This judo class will focus on the principle of using an opponent's strength against them. You will work on conditioning, basic stances, and techniques, while gaining some new self-defense skills to increase your endurance and strength. Ditch the gym this year and add some powerful new moves to your workout. Before you know it, you'll be ready to take on the judo master without breaking a sweat.
    Judo -- Trial Class

    4215 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island

    • Learn the basic techniques of Judo, such as throwing, grappling, and stance
    • Strengthen your mind and body with improved stamina, discipline, and focus
    • Learn how to properly fall in order to protect your body
    • No experience necessary
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