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    Troubles with the local Cobra Kai chapter? Or maybe you're just looking to get fit? Whether for self-defense or exercise purposes, learning karate will go a long way in helping you reach your goals! This trial offer is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals. You'll work on a variety of classic punches and kicks under the guidance of a trained sensei, developing form and power through stand-alone drills. And through partner exercises, you'll learn and internalize defensive techniques to efficiently counter assailants. In addition to building the confidence to defend yourself in real life, you'll develop your strength, flexibility, and body control, and get a great workout to boot. Karate also has a reputation for instilling greater discipline and mental focus in its practitioners, making it an all-around great martial arts form to study. The classics never go out of style!

    705 Hammond Dr, Sandy Springs

    • Learn the fundamentals of karate, one of the most popular forms of martial arts
    • Develop basic self-defense skills to keep tucked in your back pocket
    • Get a vigorous workout that builds core strength, stamina, and improved motor skills
    • Enjoy the benefits of increased self-confidence and the discipline that come from martial arts
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    Were you inspired after seeing the original Karate Kid to become a martial arts expert yourself? Well, there's no better way to get started than by taking this introductory class. Benefit your mind and body during this holistic karate class! Here, you'll learn karate basics including punching, kicking, blocking, and terminology. During this class you'll learn the techniques used by the masters in order to become a karate master in no time. You will learn discipline and control of both the mind and body, while strengthening muscles, improving agility, and releasing stress. By the end of the class you will have increased your capacity to conquer your fears and any obstacles in your life. The best part is you won't have to wax Mr. Miyagi's floor or paint his fence before learning the awesome new moves.

    4880 Lower Roswell Rd #610, Marietta

    • Learn the basics of the ancient art of karate
    • Exercise your mind and body through this disciplined form of self-defense
    • Develop the strength to overcome fears and obstacles in your life
    • Build muscle, increase agility, and gain a piece of mind
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    Karate Free Trial (Adult Karate)

    Physical ability. Self-control. Mental strength. All this and more awaits you at Kick Start Martial Arts, where you will master the Korean fighting style known as Tang Soo Do, Mu Duk Kwan, influenced by Kung fu, Tai Chi, and Japanese karate. Learn not only how to defend yourself, but also how to push yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually as you come closer to achieving your goals. At the end of your journey, you'll be able to maintain control over your newfound physical power as you spar with blows that stop just short of contact. And if you're afraid that this is not for you, don't worry! It's just a free trial class. So give it a go! You might discover strength you never knew you had.
    Karate Free Trial (Adult Karate)

    1039 Grant St, Atlanta

    • Begin your journey towards learning the art of Tang Soo Do
    • Push yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually as you strive to reach your goals
    • No experience necessary
    • Gain the confidence that only comes with knowing how to defend yourself
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