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    Basic Self Defense Training

    Ready to train your mind and body to become the ultimate Karate master? The first step is Hughes Karate-Do's Basic Training Class. Founded upon the philosophy of the Okinawans, who used Karate to end fights as quickly as possible, classes will not revolve around sport Karate with point-based sparring. Rather, class will focus on technique and Kata, the foundation of all Karate. Learn how to use your strongest capabilities against your opponent's weakest defence -- you'll be confident in your own self defence techniques in no time. We'll see you when you're a black belt.
    Basic Self Defense Training

    855 S Bogle Ave, Chandler

    • Learn a rich, comprehensive, and effective means of personal self-defense.
    • Practice kata, the database of Karate, and refine your techniques and understanding
    • Learn an effective use of self defense while gaining muscle and improving your stamina
    • Understand the philosophy that the Okinawans have developed and use it to perfect your training!
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