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    Kick Boxing

    What's a good punch if you can't throw a good kick, right? Gear up for a high intensity boot camp that aims to challenge your mental and physical toughness. Your sweat-breaking and energizing workout will mix cardio with strength-training to build your kickboxing skills and techniques. This will give you a full body workout that maximizes gaining new strength and burning calories. Whether you're looking for a great workout or aiming to get an advantage over the competition, this kickboxing program will fit your needs perfectly. See what it takes to bring your skills to the next level!
    Kick Boxing

    1224 Douglas Rd, Oswego

    • Learn the fundamentals and techniques of high-intensity kickboxing like kicks and punches
    • Improve your strength and stamina with a variety of exercises and drills
    • Kick your body into shape with a complete and full-body workout
    • Enjoy the energy of an exhilarating activity
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    Immerse your body in one of the most intense workouts in the Windy City. What's the difference between you and a ninja master like Chuck Norris? Well, it's obvious: one can roundhouse kick through a barn and the other, well, may or may not be able to lift their leg above their waist. Designed to build physical and mental strength, you will learn the basic kickboxing techniques to properly execute different punches and kicks, such as front, roundhouse, and side kicks. Refresh the mind, refresh the spirit, and upgrade those self-defense skills as you kick your way to a healthier self.

    3309 Vollmer Rd, Flossmoor

    • Learn basic kickboxing techniques, including a Front kick, Roundhouse kick, and Side kick
    • Improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
    • Build physical and mental strength
    • No experience necessary
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— Kickboxing
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    Sanda Chinese Kickboxing

    If someone starts beating you up, you need to be prepared to defend yourself! That's when sanda, or sanshou, will come in handy. Sanda, or Chinese kickboxing, is the simple concept of two people fighting against each other without weapons. Using four attacking methods -- kicking, hitting, wrestling, and controlling -- you'll train your body into an efficient, combat-prepared fighting machine. You'll quicken your defensive and offensive reflexes and improve your strength, endurance, flexibility, and sensibility. You'll also learn to fight respectfully -- attacking the back of the head, neck, and crotch of your opponent is prohibited. Come see what Sanda's all about, and give yourself a fighting chance!
    Sanda Chinese Kickboxing

    2724 N Harlem Ave, Elmwood Park

    • Learn the fundamentals of sanda (or Chinese kickboxing), a weaponless martial art
    • Train your body to use four attacking methods: kicking, hitting, wrestling, and controlling
    • Cultivate your mental concentration as you learn the philosophy behind the fighting style
    • Leave with a better sense of the value of self-defense
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