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— Kickboxing
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    When you're using your hands in daily activities, do you ever get the urge to use your feet too? Are you more prone to do a heel-click than you are to clap? Do your feet dance along an invisible keyboard, typing out everything your fingers actually write on the screen above? That's weird. You should try kickboxing instead! Give ALL the limbs the attention they deserve in this action-packed class. A popular contact sport in China, San Shou (Chinese Kick Boxing) combines all the basic elements of combat, punching, kicking and throwing at close and long range. . So get out there and get those feet to do something useful!

    1555 E. South Blvd, Rochester Hills

    • Train your body with a co-ed kickboxing program designed for men and women alike
    • Increase your fitness with drills, weight training, and the exciting components of martial arts
    • Burn fat and sculpt your body to get in the best shape of your life
    • Have an amazing time training in a fun, exciting, and energetic atmosphere
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    Kickboxing (1 hour)

    What's more kickass than kicking ass? Increase your stamina, lose weight, and tone and sculpt your body with a variety of exercises. Breathe new life into your routine with a high-energy boxing workout led by professional trainers. Whatever your motivation, you won't regret introducing an element of kickboxing into your life. Learn to land a kick, block a blow, and master your footwork in a masterful cardio workout designed to target all your major muscle groups. Get fit, learn something new, and remember to use your power for good.
    Kickboxing (1 hour)

    31196 Haggerty Hwy, Farmington

    • Learn basic kickboxing techniques, including a front kick, roundhouse kick and side kick
    • Improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
    • Build physical and mental strength
    • Get an intense workout that will push you both mentally and physically
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