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— Kickboxing
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    Technical Kickboxing

    This boxing class is just for kicks! You'll work under the guidance of a professional kickboxing instructor to learn a sport that is fiercely competitive and a fierce workout. You'll begin the class with calisthenics, like lunges and pushups, to get your blood flowing. Jump into a calorie-shredding workout of front, side, and roundhouse kicks that will build your core strength, enhance your flexibility, and motor control, while your heart is racing the whole time. After you've worked on your kicking combos in solo practice, you'll toss on some pads for a little mat work against a sparring partner and working on your timing and fighting tactics. When you're finished, you'll be able to dish out some Jean-Claude Van Damage!
    Technical Kickboxing

    906 Jericho Turnpike B, Smithtown

    • Develop your kickboxing skills through solo drills and sparring
    • Discover a new sport that will bring out your competitive side
    • Burn calories away thanks to a high-tempo workout routine
    • Gain the confidence and self-discipline that come from kickboxing
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    In this intimate kickboxing class, get the blood flowing through a vigorous warm up starting with calisthenics like jumping jacks, push-ups, and running. From there, you'll need to channel your inner Bruce Lee because you'll be burning calories through front, side, and roundhouse kicks. Covered in focus pads and mitts, throw various combinations of punches and kicks, as well as blocking your opponent's attacks. Develop your hand-eye coordination and see any attack coming. It'll soon be like slow motion.

    100-33 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hillls

    • Develop your kickboxing basics through front, side, and roundhouse kicks
    • Improve your hand-eye coordination by throwing combinations of punches and kicks
    • Learn to block your opponent properly using focus pads and mitts
    • Burn calories while strengthening and toning your entire body
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    Kickboxing - Trial Class

    Join the fun of one of the most popular fitness trends in America! Cardio kickboxing is a combination of aerobic, boxing and martial arts, providing an intense total body workout. This class is designed to help you build physical and mental strength, all while having a blast. You'll learn the basic kickboxing techniques to properly execute different punches and kicks, while improving strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Jab, uppercut and punch your way to a beautiful body and a refreshed mind!
    Kickboxing - Trial Class

    475 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

    • Learn basic kickboxing techniques, including a Front kick, Roundhouse kick and Side kick
    • Improve strength, flexibility, coordination and balance
    • Build physical and mental strength
    • No experience necessary
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    Have you ever experienced intense physical training? How about when it's mixed in with toning and self-defense training? In this kickboxing and toning class, learn how to defend yourself while keeping your body both instinctively prepared for fights and physically conditioned. Although learning the tools of how to punch and kick is an already extraordinary feat, sometimes it's not enough to effectively defend oneself. Sometimes, it takes keeping your body fit and in good enough shape to carry out the self-defense moves and techniques you learned. This class teaches you the best of both worlds: the kickboxing techniques to protect yourself and the toning and conditioning training to get your body in tiptop physical shape. Don't just develop some of the tools you need in real-life fighting situations -- go for all the moves! Go for this kickboxing and toning class.

    11 Newel Street, Brooklyn

    • Learn the fundamentals of kickboxing with an emphasis on ab and core toning
    • Develop powerful punching and kicking striking capabilities such as front kicks, side kicks, and spin kicks
    • Enhance your upper body, core-strength, and overall physicality
    • Gain self-defense instincts and skills for defusing threats with knockout potential
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