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    Introduction Kickboxing Skills and Technique

    Think you’d like to give competitive combat sports a try? Get in feet first with this kickboxing skills class! Designed around elements of kickboxing training, this electric workout will help you build the body of a competitive sports fighter. You'll develop fighting form and power with intense drills that implement boxing and kickboxing strikes. These drills form the backbone of a heart-pounding routine that also features partner work to help hone both your offensive and defensive capabilities. This class is designed both for those who have competition aspirations, and those just looking to hone their self-defense technique. But who really needs an excuse to kick stuff?
    Introduction Kickboxing Skills and Technique

    3434 W Greenway Rd, Phoenix

    • Supplement your kickboxing training with a class dedicated to improving technique
    • Build your form and power with energetic bag work and partner drills
    • Tone and strengthen your body with a martial arts technique proven to promote physical fitness
    • Develop mental focus and confidence that will benefit other areas of your life outside of the gym
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