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    Looking for a way to get a leg up on your physical fitness? Then you ought to get a kick out of this workout! CKO Kickboxing enjoys national recognition for its efficient, utterly satisfying workout program. You'll be getting your kung-fu on in a state-of-art gym, executing kick and punch combos on heavy bags that are sure to get the sweat flowing and the heart thumping. In addition to burning an incredible amount of calories, you'll be toning your body, and developing powerful strikes - the perfect compliment to self-defense study, or sport. Get ready for the best, most fun workout of your life!
    Express Kickboxing

    15901 Westminster Way, Shoreline

    • Get a high tempo kickboxing workout at a state of the art facility
    • Develop the muscle tone and stamina of a professional athlete
    • Build speed and motor coordination as you work combos on heavy bags
    • Discover a fitness approach that will push you to your limits and build your confidence
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