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— Kickboxing
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    Kickboxing Basics

    In an engaging, high intensity class, you'll learn the grappling moves of this popular sport. Kickboxing makes up the standing half of MMA fighting. Combining techniques from American kickboxing and Muay Thai, you'll learn the basic punches, kicks, and fancy footwork to keep your opponent on the move. You will gain total confidence in the strength and effectiveness of your moves, in class and out. It's a full body workout, paying attention to your legs, core, and upper body alike. And as your body grows stronger, your mind won't be left behind. Training will give you mental focus and clarity befitting the physical powerhouse you'll become.
    Kickboxing Basics

    3443 Carlin Springs Rd, Bailey's Crossroads

    • Experience the exciting full body workout of kickboxing
    • Practice the fundamental punches, kicks, and footwork of American kickboxing and Muay Thai
    • Improve your overall strength, endurance, and flexibility
    • No experience necessary
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