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    Kids Ceramic Sculpture (ages 4-7)

    The oldest ceramics made by humans were pottery objects. These objects are over 27,000-years-old. Bring this decadent art to your child and let them explore the creative process behind pottery. With Bird River Studios, children will be introduced to the various ceramic construction processes including pinch, coil, slab, and modeling. Paying attention to detail and using creative problem solving and imagination, children will cover both functional pottery (cups, vases, plates) to sculptural exploration (animals, self-portraits). By the end of class, children will have worked and expressed their individual voice in a very artistic way.
    Kids Ceramic Sculpture (ages 4-7)

    343 Grand St, Brooklyn

    • Introduce children to the ceramic construction process like pinch, coil, slab, and modeling
    • Build vocabulary and enrich their pottery technical abilities
    • Have your child explore the ceramic process by covering functional pottery and sculptural exploration
    • Let them produce a work that expresses individual voice
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