Kids Fencing (ages 10+)

What to expect
  • Have your child learn fencing footwork, weapon control, strategy, and tactics
  • Watch them improve overall health, coordination, reflexes, and physical fitness
  • Let your child accomplish personal and athletic goals in this stimulating class
  • No experience necessary
Fighting like Captain Jack Sparrow or any pirate hero, fencing training takes you to those dreams. In this program, children will learn the essential maneuvers of fencing like footwork, swishing, swashing, and defense skills. Don't get touched by the tip of the sword. As the program progresses, children will notice an improvement in physical fitness, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and quickness. Shuffling back and forth on the mat, they'll fight, clank, and touche their way to swordsmanship. Get on the floor, future swashbuckler!

Note: This is a free trial class for first-time students only.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 9 positive reviews
As a courtesy to others looking to attend, please provide cancellation notice at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled activity. Failure to do so may affect your standing for future bookings.

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