Cane Self Defense

What to expect
  • Discover the proper techniques to wield your cane as a weapon of self defense
  • Become familiar with proper handling through foundational movements
  • Build a stronger mind-body connection
  • No experience necessary
Whether you use one to get around town or just want to keep it close in case of danger, the cane is an effective and legal weapon that can be quickly and easily utilized to fend off an aggressor.

In this all-levels class, discover the proper techniques to wielding a cane in attack scenarios, and build the mind-body connection essential to making smart and purposeful movements in dangerous situations.

From strikes to takedowns, your professional instructor will demonstrate the best ways to incorporate your weapon into fundamental martial arts techniques as you observe and then attempt each scenario, building confidence and mindfulness in your practice.

Key Highlights
Price $10.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
No refunds available; All sales are final.

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