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    Dragging feet with your cardio training? Get a leg up with this high-flying workout! Built around strikes typical of boxing and kickboxing, this class will help you develop the body of a combat sports fighter, with strength and speed to match. Under the guidance of one of Basecamp's professional instructors, you'll enjoy a heart-thumping workout that alternates heavy bag work with off-bag work in rapid succession. This interval training approach will help keep your body working, tackle all your major muscle groups, and pave the way to a thoroughly satisfying workout. Better yet, Basecamp Fitness Studio has perfected a 35-minute workout that's not only effective, but will save you a ton of time better spent outside the gym. Time you can now spend kicking stuff.

    8868 S Eastern Ave #111, Las Vegas

    • Alter your approach to fitness with a high-energy workout featuring kickboxing training
    • Tone and strengthen your body with a martial arts technique proven to promote physical fitness
    • Alternate between bag and aerial assault work for a powerful interval training approach
    • Develop mental focus and confidence that will benefit other areas of your life outside of the gym
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