Ferrari F430 GT Ultimate

What to expect
  • Experience driving a Ferrari F430 GT for 22 laps around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield track
  • Start with an educational training session to learn about the mechanics of the car, how to properly handle it using correct driving technique, as well as safety procedures
  • Train on a 3D simulator that is an exact laser scanned replica of the track
  • Relax and unwind in the lounge after your adrenaline inducing ride
Treat yourself like a pro with Dream Racing's Ultimate XP experience!

At the time of your booking, you can choose to either select the complimentary round trip transportation from Crystals™ at CityCenter Las Vegas or to make your own arrangements to Dream Racing.

After the registration it's time for an educational video for quick lesson of the mechanics of the race car how to properly use correct driving techniques, as well as safety procedures. The next part of your training will take place in the 3D simulators. You will train on an exact laser scanned replica of the track, so if you feel a bump in the simulator, the same bump exists out on the track. Next, enter into the dressing rooms to get suited up in your professional racing suit and helmet with intercom for optimal in-car communication with your instructor. You will receive at this time your Sparco racing shoes and gloves.

Finally, the moment you've been waiting for: get behind the wheel of the racing Ferrari, strap in and start your engine! You're in control; it's time to hit the track for your first driving session. 6 laps around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway infield track. Your racing instructor will now take the drivers seat to drive you around the track for an additional 2 laps. These laps give you the opportunity to understand the full power of the Ferrari F430 GT as well as help you to understand the proper lines needed around the turns, braking capacity and speed needed to maximize your lap time. After riding along for the demo laps, you will once again get back into the drivers seat. Your instructor will guide you via the in helmet intercom system, through the proper speeds and lines to make each turn and lap faster and more efficient. After the race a technician will download the race data of your driving session, and the instructor will analyze