Chakra Healing Yoga and Meditation (90 min)

What to expect
  • Learn the fundamental philosophy behind Chakra Healing from an experienced instructor
  • Take 60-minutes to calm your mind and realign your body and spirit
  • Practice techniques that will help you stay alert and relaxed in your everyday life
  • Enjoy and hour of serenity that ensures tranquility long after you leave the studio
Have you heard your cool friends talking about going to get 'energy work done', or 're-aligning their Chakras'? No idea what half of those words meant? Your chakras represent seven circles of energy contained within each human that regulate the flow of energy/life within your body and with the outside world.

"Chakra Healing Yoga and Meditation" is a beautiful class in which you'll be doing yoga breathing exercises, poses, and meditation with a smile, to help you bring balance to each of the Chakra locations in your body. Begin your class by relaxing on your back, calming your mind and body, slowly shifting your awareness into your breath and bringing you into the present moment.

You'll be tuning in with the sound of an OM and then move into a series of postures that will help balance the energy throughout the Chakras in the body. As your life energy begins to circulate correctly through these spinning wheels, you will experience a new sense of peace, wholeness and connection.

Sounds pretty sweet right?
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Price $18.00 per guest
Duration / Session 90 min
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