The Mentalist

What to expect
  • Witness amazing mind reading, magic, and comedy from a world renowned performers
  • Find yourself awed as the Mentalist pulls random pieces of information from the minds of the audience
  • Become enthralled with acts of illusion so convincing they'll have you believing in magic
  • Laugh out loud at a magic show infused with comedic elements
See the star of hit television show "Phenomenon" put his mind reading talents to work on stage. Dubbed "the Mentalist," Gerry McCambridge has long been regarded as one of the biggest names in the field of magic. He's received nominations for "Best Magician in Las Vegas," and been voted "World's Best Entertainer" in his field. This interactive show will have him pulling personal information and secrets from the minds of the audience in a display so stunning it will have you questioning everything you believe. In addition to feats of psychic-prowess, the Mentalist will amaze you with dazzling acts of illusion and keep you laughing with with his show's comedic styling. You'll be so convinced of this mind reader's abilities you might consider changing pin number immediately following the show.
Key Highlights
Price $60.00 per guest
Duration / Session 75 min
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales final.

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