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    Beginner Bachata

    Tired of looking goofy on the dance floor? OC Salsa understands. In their Bachata Beginners dance class you'll learn not only the fluid motion of the vivacious dance, but get an ear for its rhythm and musicality as well. The easygoing atmosphere leaves little room for inhibitions, so there's no need to feel embarrassed or shy. You'll gain confidence as you learn not only the footwork, but how to use your whole body to move with the music. This class will immerse you in the cultural dance and music of the Dominican Republic and give you the confidence to own the dance floor. Get ready to cut a rug!
    Beginner Bachata

    Cafe Sevilla, Costa Mesa

    • Have a blast learning the basics of Bachata in an easy-going atmosphere
    • Learn footwork by talented and passionate dance instructors
    • Move your body like never before with this Caribbean-inspired dance
    • Discover a new and exciting way to express yourself through motion
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