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    Kizomba Zouk Dance

    Originally called the kizomba zouk, this is a musical genre of antilliano source (Antelias), though it originally earned its success in Cape Verde and Angola, two African countries that were a former Portuguese colonies. In the mid 80's, Cape Verdeans, Angolans, and several artists began to create the zouk genre that very quickly conquered the public. With Latin Street Dancing, you'll find out just how contagious this style truly is! As you learn the essential steps and movements of this dance, see how the dance mixes in some merengue, tango, bachata, and that rhythmic African feel. Oh, and remember to put on some nice cologne or perfume before coming to this class, because you'll be dancing very close to your partner!
    Kizomba Zouk Dance

    600 W. Roosevelt , Chicago

    • Dance the beautiful, sensual, folkloric kizomba zouk that mixes merengue, tango, bachata, and African beats
    • Learn more about the dance that quickly conquered the Cape Verdeans and Angolans
    • Explore Latin and African culture through authentic dances
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    Singles, couples, and anyone with two left feet are welcome at this Beginner Merengue Dance Class. In a fun and casual setting, you will enjoy a 50-minute group salsa dance class that will have you dancing in no time. You don't need a partner, as you will rotate partners in class. The class size is small, so you get more personal attention from the teacher and more space to dance! During the class, you will learn, basic Merengue steps, a simple turn, and basic leading and following skills. What's more? You are welcome to bring your favorite wine/beer to help you loosen up. It's a great way to meet new people or spend time with your friends!

    2412 W North Ave, Chicago

    • Explore the fundamentals of merengue, and learn the basic steps, turns, and leading/following patterns
    • Receive personal instruction in this small dance class
    • Relax with a few drinks and immerse yourself in a world of Latin passion
    • No experience necessary
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    Latin Dance Fusion

    Add a little spice to your life with some of the most sizzling dance moves on the planet! Latin dance holds a special place in the world of partner dancing, offering a range of styles filled with distinctive, alluring appeal. During this technique class you'll have the chance to polish your moves and work on the details that pull your whole performance together. You'll learn fundamental techniques, improve your movements, and learn how to dance using your entire body. Best of all, this dance class is held in a fun, social studio environment, perfect for meeting others with an interest in dance!
    Latin Dance Fusion

    5945 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

    • Learn tips and tricks for perfect technique for popular Latin dances
    • Practice body isolations, turns, and styling, in an effort to polish your moves
    • Develop confidence and coordination, and make your moves look and feel better on the dance floor
    • Expose yourself to the invigorating world of artistic expression offered by Latin dance
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    Afro-Brazilian Dance

    Some people count 1-2-3. You go 5-6-7-8. Samba is is one the most recognizable dance styles originating from Brazil, with routes that stretch back all the way to Africa. During this class you will quickly learn the basic steps of Samba and various other Brazilian styles, then progress on to the more complex combinations and embellishments that give these dances their expressive flair. While classes are mixed level, you'll find yourself more than welcome even if you're a novice, as the instructors are always eager to introduce new people to the world of samba. By virtue of being a fun, high energy dance, Brazilian dance is also great cardio exercise, so you'll be getting a great aerobic workout even as you learn. You don't have to go to Brazil to to experience its culture for yourself!
    Afro-Brazilian Dance

    1543 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago

    • Learn the basic steps of several of the Brazil's most iconic dance styles
    • Discover a new way to express yourself in an engaging, supportive environment
    • Receive guidance and advice from a professional dancer
    • Enjoy an ebullient atmosphere that combines education, fitness, and fun
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