5 Classes That Will Make You a Real Chicagoan

July 28, 2016

Michael Douglas said, “I’m impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work.” And work hard, you Chicagoans do. But you also know how to play. And learn. And create. And expand your amazingness. Heck, you do it all.

Those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to hail from the Windy City are left to wonder, “What does it take to pass as a native of this state?" Have you heard the phrase, “It’s never too late to learn”? Well, that phrase isn’t true. Not always at least. But lucky you! In this case, it is.

Check out these 5 classes that can put a non-native on the path towards blending in with the vibrant, electic group of people from this city.

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    Game of Thongs: A Game of Thrones Burlesque

    Westeros is a dangerous place. Breasteros? Only if you have a heart condition. Experience a burlesque reimagining of the high fantasy drama Game of Thrones. You'll follow the exploits of Lord Ned Stark-Naked as he navigates a world of provocative scandals and musical numbers. In addition to Ned, a number of the most popular characters show up in this show, from horselords to dancing dire wolves. When your eyes aren't popping out of your head as half-naked warriors gyrate across the stage, you'll be howling with laughter at gags and jokes that series fans and newcomers alike will find irresistibly funny. When you play the Game of Thongs, you pretty much always win.
    Game of Thongs: A Game of Thrones Burlesque

    1919 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

    • Enjoy a burlesque show inspired by one of the most popular fantasy book and television series today
    • Laugh out loud at lewd reimaginings of your favorite Game of Thrones heroes
    • Delight in musical numbers and gags that are as provocative, yet nerdy
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    Beginner Waltz

    Take your turn on the dance floor. This social class will teach you the basic steps and turns of waltz, plus leading and following skills. It's a perfect place to learn this classic dance, whether it be for a wedding, special event, or just for plain old fun. You’re free to bring a partner to dance with, but don’t have to, as the instructors rotate partners during the class. They also keep the atmosphere light and fun, and even encourage you to bring your own beer or wine to loosen up and enhance the night. Well, waltz are you waiting for?
    Beginner Waltz

    2412 W North Ave, Chicago

    • Master one of the most classic, timeless dances in the world
    • Practice leading and following as you turn your way across the dance floor
    • Bring your own beverages and meet new friends in a social atmosphere
    • Enjoy a relaxing, fun time as you pick up a new ballroom ski
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