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    Pole Dance for Beginners

    Do you enjoy vigorous exercise that leaves you feeling sexy and confident? Then this introductory Pole Dance class just might be for you. Beginner 1 pole dancing will teach you the basics of this sensual form of dance, from floor techniques to pole moves. You'll gain experience in an acrobatic dance regimen that is becoming increasingly trendy, and for good reason: its fun, builds confidence, tones the entire body, and increases flexibility. See if pole dancing is for you in a supportive, non-judgemental environment built for first-time students.
    Pole Dance for Beginners

    7207 SW 48th St, Miami

    • Learn the basics of pole dancing from a talented instructor in a welcoming environment
    • Practice sexy walks, pole moves, and floor moves to create sensual routines
    • Develop flexibility, build strength, and increase coordination
    • Build self-confidence by unleashing your wild side
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